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Re: DirectX Error

by suhailshangari

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Re: DirectX Error

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I have noticed that the problem is with directx11 as well. It actually depends. There was someone with GTX650, 650TI BOOST, 660TI that had the same problem. However, I believe that majority of the problems happen on non-DX11 cards.


I hope the team will fix this bug. Do anyone have Battlefield 4? Is it working or do you have the same problem? I hope is not the engine making problems becasue I am planing of getting Battlefield 4 for Christmas and I do not want to be dissapointed.


The best wishes to the team of developers on repairing this bug

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Re: DirectX Error

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Asus G750

Intel Core i7 4700HQ

12 GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 765M with the 331.82 driver made for need for speed rivals!?

Windows 8.1 64 bit

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Re: DirectX Error

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Updated my DirectX again via the instructions you posted, I had tried this once a few days ago via the microsoft website for DirectX with no success.


I played for about 10 mins then the game crashed again with the same error. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and bring up the task manager to force close the error code window and game to un-hang my PC each time.


Intel i3 3220 @ 3.30GHz

GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST Driver 331.82 (the newest driver)


Windows 7 x64 bit (all service packs upto date)


Im running the game via the 64 bit launcher as well.

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Re: DirectX Error

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Widows Vista x64

2 x ASUS EAH3870 in Crossfire (Catalyst 13.9)

Core Quad Q6600 , 4 GB RAM

 same error in BF4... :mansad:

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Re: DirectX Error

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I have the same problem... and my card is an ATI Radeon HD 4550 Series! Frown

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Re: DirectX Error

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I have the same problem....Plz EA help me.....i really want 2 play rivals

My PC spec


Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

Pentium R Dual Core CPU 2.70 Ghz


Graphics:ATI Radeon HD4350 1 GB

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Re: DirectX Error

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I have a Direct x issue but it is not the same issue as above.


I have recently bought Need for speed rivals


I run the installation i then get asked to put disc 2 in the installation then reaches 20% after putting in disc 2  and i then get a Direct x error saying the following.


Errro: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed Successfully. Setup cannot continue. (-1073741819)


Please help as i really want to play the game.


Kind reagards




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Re: DirectX Error

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Obligatory screenshot:


I own a Radeon HD4850 from XFX and have the same CreatePixelShader for (null) error. EA has acknowledged the error in some post that they made at


I did a lot of digging and found that a lot of users of Radeon 4000- series cards are having the same problem.


I and a lot of people had a very similar issue with Battlefield 4, but they fixed it with the November 14 update.

The error was something like CreateBufferError() something something.


I scrounged the internet looking for a fix and found it on Youtube.


Yeah, I know better than to uhh... trust 'fixes' from there, but I tried anyway and it worked. Alas, the fix was only for the 32-bit exe.


Anyway, the same guy who put that fix posted one for Rivals as well.


The link to the video is here:

And the fix he gave (as on Nov 26) is here:

Make sure you scan it with your av. His BF4 fix checked out clean.


Some guy commented in his language about something and he replied. 

The comments were sorta large and stood out mostly. Thinking it would help shed some light on wtf was going on, I google translated it and got this rubbish:


mail if you assign a bakabilirmi, an odd situation 2 units pcm on 2 In Sindh tried a problem Taking photo HD 4850 vs HD 5550 in this game DirectX error if we go to is actually the problem exactly ee or frostbite nothing to do with only ati and nvidia finishes the job so briefly game should be as




ATi HD3870 x2 I also tried the teacher chose me .. rip I downloaded the game regedit records Fela did not come through ... regina records found've installed again olmadı.mail Take You wrote what e-mail for atýcak her full figure I'm sorry.

 edit: mehdi been arkadaşta black screen ... allahall what appeared problematic games that either Standard smile



Anyway, I think the devs will put a patch to fix this soon. It sucks that even if you have a card that cost you two arms and a leg, after a while everybody jumps on to newer standards (DX11) and stops giving a damn about us.

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Re: DirectX Error

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Hi, I'm too getting this error. I'm playing this game on laptop. And also the game crashes many times, I also get error Need For Speed Rivals is not responding. The configuration is as follows:-


Processor- 3rd gen i7

Ram- 8GB

Graphics Card- AMD Radeon 7730M HD 2 GB

Hard Disk- 1TB

My laptop is Dell 7520.

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Re: DirectX Error

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just black screen nothing else :mansad:

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