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is there a way to keep the rusty look?

by JustMesQuat

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is there a way to keep the rusty look?

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you get this nissan 240zg early in the game and i love the worn look but i want a body kit is there a way to copy the paint or remake it?

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Re: is there a way to keep the rusty look?

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You might try this:
1) Before adding the body kit parts you want, go into the wrap editor and change something slight about the wrap - add a decal, or whatever, and save that wrap in a wrap slot.
2) Pick a different wrap stored in your library and apply it to the car. Doesn't matter which one, you are just telling the game to put the wrap you previously saved in storage.
3) Change the body components to the ones you want, which will change the car into a bright shiny one.
4) Go back to the wrap editor and access your library of wraps. Choose the derelict wrap that you saved in step 1 and apply it to the vehicle. This will hopefully work.

I haven't tried this myself, so please report back if it helps you so everyone else can benefit. Thanks
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Re: is there a way to keep the rusty look?

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did not work as the parts are "broken" and its not a decal 

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Re: is there a way to keep the rusty look?

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^^^ Too bad. Welp, it was worth a shot.

Okay, so time for a tutorial on how to make a similar look:


1) Determine if there's anything on the car that needs to be a specific color that can't easily accept vinyl decals. Things like side mirrors, spoilers, diffusers, etc.. For example, if you want black side mirrors, then make the PAINT (not decal) color black and choose your desired sheen. Do this even if you don't want the majority of the car to stay black.


2) Choose a base color that you want the car to be - yellow, blue, red, orange, whatever... choose a basic color and apply a square decal to each "wrap zone" with that color. Change the finish of the color to be totally matte. You can choose the predefined "Matte" sheen, however you can make it even more dull by tweaking the "Metallic" and "Smoothness" categories in the "advanced" tab.


3) Add aging and patina patterns using appropriate splatter, fade, and scatter decals the wrap editor provides. Keep in mind that paint tends to become lighter in color and less saturated as it gets older. You can achieve this look by choosing colors for the splotches that are a few shades lighter than your base color you covered the car with. Use the "Transparency" slider in the "advanced" tab to adjust the subtlety of the color changes.


4) Paint usually ages the fastest on roofs, hoods, and trunks since they face the most sunlight. Your aging effects should become more pronounced on the top panels than they would on the sides.


5) You can add rust effects using the rust textures provided in the wrap editor. Keep in mind that rust usually occurs the most severely where A) There has been a lack of paint the longest. B) Where water, mud, and road salt sticks to the car the longest. C) Anywhere the car has been crashed or damaged. Severe rust usually occurs on the lower parts of fenders and around the quarter panels in front of and behind the rear wheels.


6) The rust textures provided are not able to be edited, only resized, so you will have to experiment with them to see which ones work best for what you are trying to accomplish. If a texture is too strong, but it's the right size and pattern, remember that you can move that layer down so that it hides behind some of your other layers. Again, adjust the transparency slider of the upper layers to allow the rust to show through at the desired intensity.


I know this was a wall of text, but if anyone is interested in advanced wrap editor techniques, hopefully they found this enlightening.

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