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Why send speed cards to garage?

by AASSAA811

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Why send speed cards to garage?

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There is probably already another topic similar to this, but I couldn't find it between all the topics requesting Online Free Roam and Free Roam cops, which are also something that should be implemented in the game. 


So my issue. When I saw the "Send to Garage" option, I thought "Cool, I can stock up on cards and use them on the cars as I unlock them." I get to the garage and I can't transfer them to other cars. "Maybe they are make/model specific, so if I have an Off Road Beetle and a Dragster Beetle (yes I do have them), I can transfer between the two to make the perfect Speed card combo....nope. I understand the logic behind not being able to transfer cards between different vehicles but it should be possible to swap cards between same-make cars, or same-model cars at least. I feel like it would be nearly impossible to max out a car without essentially beating the story mode a couple of times while you try your luck at tune-up shops. Please make the Speed Cards transferrable between vehicles. 


Bring Free-Roam Cops Back!!! That was my favorite part, and the fact that Hot Pursuit didn't have them is the reason I didn't play that game much!!! I was so hyped for this game, please don't disappoint. 

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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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It's not impossible, it takes grinding. And if you want 3 perk cards you'll be sure to spend some time and try your luck in the tuner.

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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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beat the story mode a couple times? Lol I can go from lvl 100 to 399 in about 30-40 min. you just gotta know how to game the system. Part tokens are your friend. And no, I don't buy shipments lol.

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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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You're right, sending cards to garage is useless, also is selling them for $ (prices are too low regarding what you can earn from a race).


If you don't want to equip them when you earn them, you probably won't ever do. 


Then, the only valuable option is convert them to tokens that can be used with any of your cars.

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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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@Goliath-Rises Hello i got this game been playing ive done quite bit in the game but still dont understand the whole logic on best way to supe a car upand how to go about it you seem to know ypur stuff could you plz explain in so many words thnxs.
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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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1. Grind Grind Grind Grind Grind...until you have about 3000 part tokens.
2. Go buy the 'catch up pack' sense getting less than the lvl 16 cards.
3. Go to that stupid slot your car up to lvl 18/399.

4. Now keep spinning the slot machine until you match all the cards to whichever speed group you like...changes for each style of racing you're doing.
5. Now keep spinning the slot machine until you get all the perks on all the same manufacturer that you're looking for...personally I choose the Accel, Speed, Nitros perks.

6. If you haven't gone insane by now, go race your badacre Boss 302 Mustang set up like I've just lined out is truly an "In this game" badacre.

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Re: Why send speed cards to garage?

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I agree, the parts should be usable on other cars if you send them to the garage. Otherwise the function is pointless. 

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