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Re: Where to find Online Free room

by Vinnyvangogo1000

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Where to find Online Free room

★ Novice

Please add online Free Room.. All need Player was hyped about the nfs payback.. but very dissapoint over no Online Free Room

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Re: Where to find Online Free room

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Yes man! Everyone want to play in free room with friends!!!
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Free room NFS Payback

★★★ Newbie
Please, put the free room mode, this is essential in this game, we all want to play with friends in free room!!!
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Re: Where to find Online Free room

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I completely agree. I bought this game for the soul purpose of online free roam because of how amazing it was said to have been. I was extremely disappointed when the game did not have the option at all. Sadly, I bought the game through a download, and cannot return it. If I knew I was stepping into a game of such incompleteness, and low standards, I would've bought a game from EA's competitors in an instant. The fact that the game was released not as promised was bad enough, but the number of glitches and bugs that this game has is unbelievable for a company of the standard they claim. I once though that EA cared about their costumers, but now realize that once they've made the money, they couldn't care less. To prove this, I point out that I have not seen EA respond to any of the questions regarding online free roam.

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