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Re: Things to add in future updates

by Rad_Russian300

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Things to add in future updates

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1.Performance parts
Personally I like the way you did the speed card system. To make it better you could add different turbo and supercharger speed cards that make different turbo and supercharger sounds like in Need for speed 2015. You could also add the option to buy the exact speed card you want but make it very difficult to get like beating an extremely difficult racer by staying behind for like 60 seconds and not hitting anything or you could just make it very expensive to buy. Could you also make all cars go to level 399 or make the tier seperations more strict for the matchmaking in multiplayer.

3853d331bbd29c18909c94a6cefc2d07--volkswagen-golf-mk-volkswagen-rabbit.jpgmaxresdefault (1).jpg

2.Tires and stance customization
I would love it if you could allow us to change the profile of the tires to high profile or low profile, it would just give the game more variety. If we could also put stretched tires on any car would be awesome and if you could give us the option to make your look tires more polished or blacker.It would also be nice if you would add the option to adjust the tire/wheel width because some of the wheel widths of the wheels in the game look too thin. As for the stance allow us to adjust the rake and track width if possible.

18x11 front tire close.jpgstretched tirestire dimensionsimage21.jpg

3.Parts customization
Can you please add more parts to most of the cars in the game like the golf 1 gti , you should add the option to add two more headlights to the front I’ll attach a pic so you can see and the front fenders that I attached. Also add the option to to convert the Ford Mustang to the Ford Mustang Shelby Gt350R body parts like the front bumper, rear bumper, spoiler and if you could add the Ford Mustang Rocket body kit that was featured in the first episode of the grand tour (picture attached), but mostly add more customization to most of the cars in the game. Add the chrome version of the stock mirrors and the option to change the front grille of the golf 1, please add the option to debadge some of the parts of all cars in the game and add some of these golf 1 front bumbers.






I feel like we need more rims in the game even though we do have a lot of rims but it’s like it’s the same rims that were in Need for speed 2015 and they didn’t add much. Could you please add rims like BBS, more Vossen rims, Schmidt th lines,OZ rims, old bmw rims, Mercedes rims etc. Centerlock wheels would also be a great addition to the game
centerlock wheelscenterlock wheels diagramvossen-vle1-wheel-limited-edition-01-960x527.jpgvolkswagen-golf-mk1-cabriolet-vw-golf-mk1-schmidt-stance-fitment-ladyonwheels-indonesian-stance-indonesian-hellaflush-indonesian-fitment-9.jpg

 VW_Golf R_VLE1_5cc.jpgmaxresdefault.jpg

5.Neon underglow

Can you please add pulsing underglow and flashing underglow that you can add two parts of underglow so it’s not just one color like morohoshi san‘s Diablo but maybe only make it on higher end cars like the Lamborghini’s, Mclaren etc . It would really make the game more lively.

neons 1neons


If you could add these things it would be the best Need for speed game ever not to say that it isn’t I think it’s the best Need for speed speed game of this era it would just make it better. Thanks

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Re: Things to add in future updates

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I agree with all of these suggestions!


Great game so far! i love seeing NFS getting back to its roots. 


please add the 1982 Trans Am to the car list?!!! Id personally like a tv car pack or parts to build KITT from Knight Rider! The New NSX would make an awesome KITT all it lacks is the Cylon light bar! 


Tv car pack PLEASE! 

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Re: Things to add in future updates

★★★★★ Apprentice
Thank you for agreeing with me and I think your idea is also awesome hopefully they add both of our ideas.
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Re: Things to add in future updates

★★★ Guide

the vanity items have to change, i hate having to get a shipment and then hope i get the color neon i want. so here is my idea the vanity items should be generic and not restrict you to color or sound (horns). You redeem a neon and then it asks you to select a color (except platinum blue since that was exclusive)


also when selecting colors it would be great if we could preview it someone since it is obscured slightly by the vanity menu


also we need more colors such as white and pulsing neon (which could be added as another generic neon)


So to sum up have these as unrestricted to color or sound


Standard Neon

Pulsing Neon (in same vanity category as standard neon)

Tire Smoke

Flame Color


Air Suspension

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Re: Things to add in future updates

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Yes, all of these things will be welcome. Can add to to

  • manual option to color the lights 
  • Test the horn before buy
  • Change the color of windows
  • And one option for test drive before you buy the car
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Re: Things to add in future updates

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I think they should also add more hood options like intakes. I also liked how nfsw had themed neons like flames and other objects, that would be pretty awesome to have on nfs payback.

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Re: Things to add in future updates

★★★★★ Novice
I have stuck around with NFS for most of my life, and I must say, this NFS isn't too different than NFS 2015 in terms of high-end car customization. It is insanely disappointing. I just got a Corvette Z06 and went to customize its body - only ONE other front bumper. WHAT. I remember Carbon, Most Wanted 05, Pro Street, Underground 1 and 2, and Undercover having copious amounts of body customization compared to now.

This is my main complaint: EA, Ghost games, whoever advertised this game as one that you could customize your car to be unique and one-of-a-kind; you disappointed. At least for me. The fact that plenty of high-end cars dont have much body customization is whack and I abhor this fact. Why? Why are there so little options for high-end cars? Only one truly unique bumper for the Porsche GT3? The 911 Carrerra has one that makes it look like the GT3? The Corvette Z06 has one that makes it look like the modern Stingray? Ford GT 2017's "bumpers" are actually fender and hood combinations, with one unique bumper style that is shared by the McLaren P1? What in the world? I thought you were supposed to be able to customize your car and make it your own - and you CAN do that, but mainly with the decal editor. I'm unhappy with that. Decals arent all that a car is. The body kits and the body styles play a huge role in that, too.

I, personally, would like to see more options in this category. Decal editor is great - but body customization lacks massively. I hate to see NFS leave its amazing roots in customization behind. I really, really do.
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