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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

by Jabberwocky79

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Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

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Community Manager (retired)

From March 8 to March 22, we will have two threads up on the forums: one for you to provide tips and tricks, and the other to show off your car customizations.


Don't be a back-seat driver! Get in on the action and challenge the competition by posting your favorite tip/trick and your hottest tricked out ride.


  • Post your best tips and tricks here!

Rewards each week:


Anyone that makes a relevant post in these threads will be put into a random draw. That means no spam, no drama—just tips, tricks, and sweet rides.


  • One random winner each week will get three Premium Shipments
  • Two random runners-up will get one Premium Shipment

 We're excited to see how you hit the pavement in Payback!


Must be 18+ to participate.

EA's User Agreement Applies

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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

Hero (Retired)

Okay, let's start from progression-related tips.


1) Trade unneeded speed cards in instead of selling them. The payout for selling speed cards is not too high, and once you reach high rating on your car (especially the 399 rating), tokens will become way more important than cash, as rolling for cards with tokens is the fastest and most reliable way to get speed cards with right perks/brand.


2) Don't focus on too many builds at once if you're short on cash - Generally, cash-wise the smartest idea is to do the following: Get your starter car as close to its max level (299) as possible, and once you progress far enough to unlock cars with 399 max level, buy one for each class and stick with it all the way up to 399.


3) Take the suggested car level in race description with a grain of salt - In most of cases, you can win just fine with a car that has rating 30-50 points lower than the recommended one. I'd say that you need to be the closest to recommended rating in late Race car races. Drag can be a bit tricky too, but it's doable. When it comes to drift, you can manage just fine with whatever starter car you have regardless of level - the only thing you really should care about with singleplayer drift build is nitrous. Sure, once you complete the game you should upgrade the cars to fight for better times/results, but in terms of SP races alone you don't need to trust recommended level too much.


4) If you want to upgrade your car fast, I recommend doing the following (it requires a bit of cash and tokens though):

  • Buy out speed cards from the shop that would increase your rating without caring about perks or brands - the only point of this step is to get your rating higher. Higher rating = higher race rewards and better cards in the shop once it restocks
  • Once you do that, go and do Midnight Run a few times - it's the shortest race, so it's perfect if you purely want to obtain cash. If speed cards from victories improve your rating, equip them. If not, trade them in for tokens.
  • Once shop restocks, buy cards up again (money from winning races from point #2 should mostly cover that), trade old ones in for the tokens, and then keep on repeating 1-2 until you get to 18-rated cards
  • Once you get to 399 rating, use the tokens to get the perks and/or brands you want. Brand-wise, I usually go for Chidori and/or Americana on Race builds.

Now, for other things:


1) Regardless of the car you own (although this tip is especially important for the Regera), make sure that your final build has nitrous maxed out. Nitrous is critical for your end result - it will let you get out of chaos at the start faster, lets you get your speed back faster if you crash and is pivotal for accelerating out of turns.


2) In terms of live tuning, always prioritize settings that will improve your speed, acceleration and car's reaction to turns. It doesn't make any car significantly more difficult to handle, and at the same time it helps you gain at least a couple of seconds during the race.


3) On Regeras, if you really want to beat one online and you don't have one yourself, vote for tracks with a lot of turns (if there is one thing Regera struggles with, it's acceleration) and try to get physical at the early stages of the race - if you have a 399 build, you're practically guaranteed to overtake the Regera at the start. When it tries to work its way back to the front, bodyslam it - that's the best chance you will get, and Regera is one of easier cars to knock out.

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I am a volunteer moderator and I don't work for EA. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

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★ Guide

I'd like to offer a wrap editor tip.


How to make realistic carbon fiber effects:


1) Start by covering the desired area in solid black. This gives the subsequent carbon fiber layer sufficient contrast.


2) Add a carbon fiber texture square and adjust it to the proper scale. If you are doing a large area such as a hood or roof, do not simply make the carbon fiber square big enough to cover the whole area, otherwise the weave pattern will be too large to be realistic.


3) Once the square is sized correctly, copy and paste it multiple times to cover the desired area. Be careful to align the edges just right so that the seams can't be seen.


4) Cover the area once again with a solid black square (or whatever shape) on TOP of the carbon fiber layer.


5) Adjust the transparency of the top black layer to allow the carbon weave to show through.


6) Adjust the Metallic and Smoothness effects of the top black layer to achieve the desired sheen, whether you want a wet carbon fiber or dry carbon fiber look.


Here's an example of the finished look (Remember to right-click and choose "view image" to see it larger):



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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★★★ Newbie

1) Drifting: I haven't found a good sweet spot on how to use the handbrake so I tend to stick with lightly tapping the brakes while going into a drift a corner or when trying to change directions of the drift. I also tend to stick with RWD cars for my drifting, putting all the weight in the front, using the "more" side of drift angle or control in live tuning.


2) I didn't start to spend money until the 200 build mark. That's when cards from winning events were no longer boosting my vehicles enough to compete with other drivers.


3) Only use equip with the jump stat on your off-road vehicle or unless its still your best option


4) once equip levels are near maxed out focus on what brand perks work out best. Outlaw and Chidori tend to be great paired together or by themselves. Outlaw = Speed/Nitrous perks, Chidori = Acceleration/Brakes perks



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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★★★ Newbie
Ive found fine tuning the e-brake in game to a softer or weaker e-brake allows the method of using it easier and more efficient when having to rapidly change drift angle
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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

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★★★★ Novice

Hello Need For speed Community,
Nice to see ya All,
Below is my tip and tricks in the multiplayer Events
Short and Sweet in the Below Link
Off road tricks adding soon

Get a Head in the Multiplayer Races

ave a Great Play time

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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★★★★ Novice
1) One thing I used to do when I first started playing need for speed payback was selling my unwanted cars. But I didn't know that you can get more than what you usually do when you sell cars. Wanna know how?

*Before selling a car select the car as the vehicle you want to use (where you can visually customize your cars) and go to the tune-up/performance upgrade tab and select it. Then you'll have all your equipped cards and to the right you can see the cards you've previously used on that part. You can trade them in before selling your vehicle. I highly recommend you doing this because as you progress further into the game you can use trade ins to get the right card you want from the tune up shop.*

2) When trading in cards you can use the following brands for your vehicle classes for best performance

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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★★★★ Novice
Here are some LIVE TUNING tips

- Adjusting your Drift angle helps hold your drift longer.

- Adjusting acceleration/speed for drag cars is helpful depending on the car and race

- if you're having trouble with spinning out or losing traction in offroad cars shift your 4wd to the front to drag you instead of pushing you. You'll lose a bit of speed but improve accuracy

- adjusting your stearing sensitivity helps if you struggle with stearing control using the stick (like i often do)

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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★ Guide
^^^ Really appreciate the tip about off-roading. I'll try that thanks
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Re: Spring Forum Event - Post your best tips and tricks here!

★★★★ Novice
Here's a tip for rolling for speedcards:

Pretty much always roll for perks rather than brand or part so you are guaranteed at least one bonus perk on your part. Chances of rolling triple bonus parts seems much higher.


The runner class is key to higher performance in speedlists... use the live tuning to shed weight and vastly improve acceleration.
It may make you easier to wreck by opponents but it's hard to tell

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