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So, its finally time.... (Recap of all top things i want to see)

by Luka0101998

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So, its finally time.... (Recap of all top things i want to see)

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The last time i was this excited for a new NFS was back when i was finishing high school and that was the best game summer ever. 


Now, after finishing my second year of college, a new NFS is about to be revealed. 


It has been a real long time and i hope for things to change for the best. 


Here are 10 things i hope for the game to have :


1. At least 70% of the entire map to be the city. (Hopefully New York resemblance)


I enjoy open roads and togue on windy mountains but i want the good old MW/Underground street racing vibe back.

It just feels empty, regardless of the beautiful vistas. 


2.Fixed grip handling 


Gripping cars still feels sloppy, there is not much to say.


3.Save slots or profiles/aliases. 


In the older titles they were present and more users could enjoy the games without removing all progress to start over.

(NOTE : One Origin user - multiple IN GAME USERS)


4.Wrap limit removal/increase + CHANGING CAR COLOR SHOULD NOT REQUIRE A SLOT !


5.More part maker decals, there are not enough !  + Character category to be brought back !


6. Move cars to warehouse 


Some cars i dont want present in garage should be hidden if wanted like in NFS2016 (In Payback, that is removed)


7. Vanity items to be in regular customization WITHOUT SHIPMENTS ! 


8. All cars can be maxxed out - I don`t want eny restrictions ! 


9.VISUAL DAMAGE REMOVAL - One of the most annoying things in the past two games is when i customize my cars and the AI turns them into a pile of junk !


I want the abillity to turn off visual damage and enjoy the cars i modified without a scratch !


10. No car health ! My biggest concern since the game is going to be a hybrid between 2015 and Rivals is car health.


What is the point of messing with the cops when there is a big chance that an arrest could happen just by a few hits !?






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