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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

by Ting20010119

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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I agree NFS has been Arcade since 2003 but since 2015 and Payback the game has only become a weaker game with cheesy Characters in stupid movie themes.

NFS is not Fast and Furious and never will be!

I'd rather watch the real movie rather then have my video game turned into a bad B-side movie of Fast N Furious! 

EA & Ghost Studios need to stop the stupid Cheesy Movie themes in there games, its getting so predictable and dumbed down. 

Also, I will agree from 1994-2002 the game had a good run in it's hay days when it was about racing!

Unfortunately EA and  Blackbox had to part ways as Black Box went underwater and belly up as a studio!

Then came Ghost studios, which looks to be headed towards the same path as Black Box with it's lack luster of creativity and silly game themes.


Sad history by a company who's bottom line is not caring about you the game player, they only care about the Cash! 

So think before investing more money in a game company that gives us half baked games these days!  


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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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EA kinda was doing ok with this title but the whole story line is weak towards the end and the obvious people who everyone knew was the guilty in the game turns out to be the people who are closests to the main character.....weak themes and silly chase your tail in circles is all this game gave me and it got boring the longer i played it.

Thanks and not thanks to a second serving of this horrible game! 

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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me too
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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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am i the only one who sees "character customization" in a racing game as stupid and unnecessary? its definitely the LAST thing that will make me buy a RACING GAME!
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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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No your not alone..Amen! :eahigh_file:

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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So,Need For Speed Payback was a very successful game,at first it sold out qiuckly,there was hype,there was curiousity,there was everything.But as the time pased by,we all wondered what will the next Need For Speed be like,and my personal idea is not that different from dillydots91's idea.I like the idea that the next Need For Speed should be in Tokyo because I like that NFS Underground style.So,when you are on the road for a long time and you can just feel that you need to go to the garage or the gas station to get repaired or to save your money,if there is cops or any kind of trouble you can call your CREW.So,as you are progressing the story line of the game you,eventually unlock characters(your crew).The characters you unlock will be ranked from weakest to strongest,and that is based on your progress,the further you go with the story line,you unlock stronger characters.Next thing:Lot's of cars.So back in the 2011,when NFS The Run came out,I personally think nobody expected so much cars to be in the game.Third thing:Blacklist.NFS Most Wanted (2005) had it's own blacklist.A group of racers who rule the street and there is 10 of them.I am not that "Bring the Razer back" sort of guy,but I think it's a good idea.I think that is enough

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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I do not agree with you that NFS Payback was a good game! But I liked more NFS 2015 on the visual part it looks like a city, like painted cars, looks like drift in a controlled drift. In NFS Payback I liked the customization of cars it is really cool in this series of NFS I can make a wheelbarrow as I like but that is a small minus is the lack of track width and from this I can not make the same dream car (by clicking on this link you will see how to change the car )

But the fact that the next series should be held in Japan, I agree this is the coolest country for drifting competitions in this country a lot of cool cars.

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Betreff: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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First, Sorry for my bad English


Hmm ok, I think NFS 2015 was a good game but not so good as the NFS Underground 1,2,Most Wanted it was. I really hope that EA will bring back this old Tuning Night, Streetracing stuff and without the Frostbite Engine, because the Handling of the cars is not good enough for me. I mean i dont like it, the handling is so... I cant describe it. 

The Story of NFS should be so: Underground 1 and 2 then Most Wanted  then Carbon and back to Underground maybe "3" with all old basics of Tuning with a little part of the Old cars and several new Cars. Also the old "Cingular" Message and Map system. 

I also think that we never get something like this... 


And sorry for my Bad English

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Betreff: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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The sad part is even "Need for Speed: No Limits" has more story, more tuning option, more stuff to do and more cars than any Need for Speed that were released since 2010.

They should try to bring some stuff from "No Limits" to their next Need for Speed title. I want a Need for Speed with a deep story, great tuning option, more cars available just take a look on the tuning parts in
"No Limits" you can do some special tuning with "black edition parts"

NFS 2015 and Payback weren't that bad but for me I thought okay something is missing and they should support their game with updates and DLC's more than 6 month (I know it was over a 1 year)

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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I think that's good but waste of time really let's b smart ok lets us say hey make the compatible with a steering wheel that b smart 4 better steering thumb stick get screwed tired of buying controllers and no more skipping tracks get rid of that way thing stick click it don't screw up the game and shut the games down

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