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Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

by dillydots91

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Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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Need for speed payback is a great game i love it but i have Some idea’s for the next Need for speed idea 1 it would be cool if The next Need for speed takes place in Tokyo idea 2 more tuning more neons also Doors you can change and that you can change The inside of your car like the Seats in your car also neons like The lambo from Need for speed 2015 idea 3 police Needs to be like in payback but with heat levels and if your get busted 3 times you can lose your car like in most wanted 2005 also When you drive threw a roadblock The car cant drive anymore also how higher The heat level is you Need to change your car ( like changing the color) because police can recognize you faster and freeroan cops idea 3 people that are walking in The city or somewhere to make The city more alive. Idea 4 ADD a couple of circuits to race there like in underground 2 or test your car. Idea 5 story with a blacklist type of gameplay like most wanted 2005 it doesnt have to be a blacklist but something like that it feels that you Need to do things before you can challenge that someone. Idea 6 When you tune your car you also get stars like underground and like a mode in The game that you Need to customize cars for others like a side mission. Im a huge Need for speed fan i played all The games and still play Need for speed payback and love it very mutch greetings a huge Need for speed fan
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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

It will most likely be 2019. After Rivals, Need For Speed (2015) and Payback both took 2 years to release.

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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Give a fully open world non linear story where we decide the story and possible story advancement and endings, allow full customizable characters. I
Allow originality, stop copying other titles /movies allow full main character customization and full team members customization. The team mates where dull and I could not connect with a single one, looked like another gta copy.
Listen to community in regard to the rest there are plenty of good ideas.
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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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@marsstorm2015  I could not agree with you more. The character customization part wouldnt be a big deal with me but, a huge non linear open world would be awesome. 

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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I’m waiting for a remastered console version that can be playable offline for Need for Speed World. Will that be the next Need for Speed game for 2018? 🤔 Am I the only Need for Speed fan that wants this game back? 🙋‍♂️ I still have high hopes for the Need for Speed franchise since Payback is better than Need for Speed 2015.
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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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These are all good idea but if no support for wheels i will not be making anymore purchases from EA.

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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@dillydots91 Really you are already talking about the next product for this game franchise? 

This seems a bit early don't you agree?

I mean NFS Payback just came out a few months back!

Plus EA once again dropped the ball on Payback when it was released early and with many BUGs in the game!

I see people using Trainers Cheat programs in the game too.

When is EA going to stop letting cheaters cheat in this game???


So for a new project,  EA better learn how to get the game serviced right before the launch of any new game for NFS!

I'm already annoyed with this game and how the progress that EA has taken in snail pace patch updates to fix NFS Payback!

The map is nothing more than a glorified version of The Crew Calling all Units Map! 

Trust me I play both games and both maps are big wide open spaces of empty hours of nothing.


As for future cars in the game, that's all determined ahead of time by Car manufacturers and EA in the business Dept!

Ask EA why they lost the deal to  F1 Mclaren sports car? 

They use have ownership in NFS World game!

Now some guy named  (OEL)(mirrored))  runs NFSWorld Garbage Game!

So please consider this my two cents!


Also, EA owes allot of people a refund for all the bad NFS games in the last 10 years they released!

Gamers like me drop $60 to $80 a game and Ea runs away to the bank and Gamers get stuck with a broken down game with bugs and false hopes.

EA seems to take pride in ripping off the fans of the NFS franchise on every last release the last 10 years!

You might disagree, but if your not a paid shill by EA you would weight the evidence,

 and consider looking into what real game players have posted on a variety of forums!

I'm not debating with you,  I'm simply pointing out the facts of what I know to be a repeat of offences by EA  for the NFS games!


1. EA promised big comeback with Payback = epic fail on launch day!

2.EA promised big launch for NFS 2015 = epic fail with bugs!

3.EA promised big launch for NFS Rivals in 2013 = epic let down of a game!

4.EA promised NFS most wanted for 2012 was the big come back was ok but nothing great! 

5.EA said NFS the Run was going to be a great game......well it was nothing more than an over the drawn storyline of non-sense chasing your tail for clues to a big empty ending!

6.EA had a real loser in the release of  NFS Unleashed also in 2011 and this game was so boring I'd rather go cut lumber all day then play this silly game!

7.EA had another blunder of a game with NFS Hot Pursuit in 2010  ...this game drove me right off the cliff with how the gameplay was not very friendly and customization was weak!

8.EA released Nitro in 2009 is a fantastic P.O.S game!

9.EA did ok with NFS Shift....but this game left me wanting more for my hard earned money....I felt the game was trying to compete with other track course games.

10.EA messed up NFS Undercover game ....this game had a weak storyline and pointless gameplay.... the game was pure garbage!


HEy EA can you get back to open world without all the early stupid storyline non-sense!

Life is to short to watch a movie play out in my video games!

Thanks for reading.






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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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There is going to be a Spiritual Successor to NFSW. It's called "Need for Speed: Edge" (Need for Speed: Online if you live in China), Its currently under development by EA Spearhead in S. Korea, and thats where the current Beta is. Nexon is the publisher btw. 

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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I thought NFS Nitro was great. EA Montreal wanted to make use of the Wii's motion controls, though not perfect, it's not easy either. Are you just hating because all the cars look like Hotwheels? 

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Re: Next Need for speed game 2018 or 2019

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NEED FOR SPEED 2018/2019 


Need for speed payback was quite okay by bring back some of pro street with in detail customization 


for the next installment into the series i would like to see a somewhat conclusion for nfs carbon if possible due to the fact of the cliffhanger ending cutscene it left us so long without maybe if possible to re-visit the idea of the blacklist or at least a storyline with razor and darius connecting them to lena navaro, to the arkright and "mysterious guy" from the ending of payback and let it flow with the crew assistance option from carbon 


This option was executed wonderfully in payback however i would like to see maybe the return of neons, hydraulics, music systems into vehicles and the option of inserting your own music into the game similar to eurotruck simulator 2 where you go to my documents in your system insert your music and let it play like a playlist in the game 


i did enjoy nfs payback enviroment and how the condition changes from day to night HOWEVER PERSONALLY with respect i would like to see of revisit the idea of a live weather system of rain making it possible to install tyre/suspension/brakes upgrades to suit the conditions along with the night setting like need for speed 2015 and underground 2 AND a good size map that can give a nice enjoable exciting game with canyon races/drifts/boss battles 

ALSO IF POSSSIBLE to revisit the idea of Shops. was awesome with the idea in payback of tuneup shops and part bonuses. it can be kept or revisit the idea of spliting up the shops once more like need for speed underground 2 where you have to locate the shops all over the cities you unlock or visit to discover various parts also it would be nice to re-include the dyno shop like need for speed underground 2 where players can tune their vehicles to their own liking and save their tuning setups 2015 and payback was goods however it would be nice to drive to the location near a race track and test your setup before making it final 


Having all cars in the game in one location is no fun and being able to purchase anyone from the start in no fun

like nfs shift 2 unleashed having different and a wide varity of cars eg muscle,legends, tunners hypercars although i know this can be difficult in obtaining permission even something close can also make the cut also it would be nice to have a restriction class meaning only cars of a certain performance class can enter making it a fair fight and like nfs carbon you can unlock cars either by races,blueprints like nfs no limits or by teritory accusation like carbon or by pinkslip hence making it a more lengthly game and making it more fun 

HAVING  cross in a game is a thrill let alone giving him weapons eg emp esf spikes roadblocks helicopters etc having the other guy from undercover or having the same police setup from the police in nfs rivals also giving an even advantage in terms of cars and tech is an excitment hence giving racers the option on either being a cop or racer career and depending on their choice inspires how the game ends 



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