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New Wheel Support (From The Speed Cross Update) Update??

by DNS_Racing

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New Wheel Support (From The Speed Cross Update) Update??

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So, I woke up extra early today to try out the new Speed Cross Update Wheel Support......... unfortunately, I found no joy from my Thrustmaster T300 :-(


I really had my fingers crossed for Thrustmaster T300 Wheel Support too.   I am looking forward to when EA/Ghost will get Thrustmaster Wheel Support in there soon tho.


Love the new content. The Speed Cross Events seem pretty cool.   


****I very very very very very much look forward to the day when DRIFT EVENTS, DIRT EVENTS and RACE EVENTS are separated into their own respective SPEEDLISTS.  I personally think/feel it takes a lot away from the "RACE"ing of things when you start mixing in DIRT and DRIFT tracks.  And vice-versa.  It will be fantastic to keep focus throughout a given Speedlist.  :-)


It is cool checking out the new car (Mazda Rx7 Spirit)  :-)    Be cool to see the other ones come along!


I am mostly lookin forward to when EA/Ghost opens up Fortune Valley and takes us all online so we can all play together again like we used too.   :-)


Thanks for the Update EA/Ghost!   And for much to look forward too!   :-)



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