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Re: Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist

by BVBgamer88

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Re: Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist

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@BLVD69Idk what you mean by older fan ,but Ive been playing nfs since underground 1 and so on only nfs that I have treally played was nfs payback cuz it’s on xbox one. I’m not just a new guy I’m also on the old fan spectra 

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Re: Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist

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Thanks for sharing this with me.

Have a great day 👍😁

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Re: Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist

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I want more trucks like the 2014 Ford F150, 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500, Ford f250, And Dodge rebel and more... But I do want a longer story and I kind a want this to be a follow up to payback and customizing our own characters would be AMAZING and I want more options to customize but I like what you want as well.

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Re: Need for Speed 2019 Wishlist

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@I7CuXKAZ No you are not, what BVLD69 is saying is that he has been playing NFS since early 90s. But he has been playing videogames even longer than that, i have only played videogames since early 90s. Since i was born in 1988 so im am a millenium, i guess you are a Gen-z kid. So in my oppinion you are not a real true NFS fan like me, since i started with the original games and you with the FF era.
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