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Need For Speed Payback request: Fix the game!


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Need For Speed Payback request: Fix the game!

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NFS Payback is... almost 70-80% a disaster and I will try to do my best and explain why you guys need to fix what is left to be fixed at this moment:


1 Upgrade system

- Who on Earth comes with the idea of using cards and an gambling machine to upgrade your car? I often spend at least 30-40 minutes just to get the right balance for an single car and this is very very annoying. Upgrading cars should take a maximum of 1-2 minutes considering that an player has enough money in game and has unlocked all ultimate upgrades.

- You can fix this by combining more than 3 perks in one card, (since rebuilding another upgrade system is very unlikely to happen), but make them easy intuitive: If you buy an engine block I don't want any "airtime" improvement on it. Speaking of airtime... it really makes things worst when it is higher than 5.0 on most cars and maybe you should delete this upgrade "thing" and replace it with an "suspension" upgrade "thing" and bring "airtime" as an option in live tuning menu.


2 Live tuning

- It's a good thing to have live tuning outside the garage but... there is a big lack of options that are missing and should be bringed back from NFS 2015. And I think most of them should be available on NFS Payback.


3 Pursuits

- I'm not the only player who asks for free roam pursuits so I think you already know that cops should be spread in the world map and we should be able to start a pursuit as soon we get a few close calls, speeding or world damage. Also... remove the damn checkpoint route and let us enjoy running free as much as we want.

- Also the confiscation of cars after a few times of getting busted will make the game more fun.

4 Online gameplay

- At this moment the online gameplay is a disaster. I almost can't play more that 1 hour in a lobby because most players are enjoying ramming each other. An "disable collision" option would be nice to have to avoid being crashed by other players.

- Event types: Make one type of events for each speedlist and an "mixed" option that includes all gameplay modes just on how NFS 2015 had. This time include drag and drift events as well.

- Car choice: Let us choose any car we want in multiplayer at any time we want. You set the limit of only 2 cars at this moment this is bad.


5 Car level

- All cars should be able to reach level 399! Nothing more to say here.


6 Steering wheel support

- As I said before: any car game without an steering wheel support is a bad game. 

!!! Funny thing to say!!! Some time ago I was starting to play Battlefield 4 and by mistake I turned my steering wheel while in game and guess what... I could turn around! At that time NFS Rivals was out too and... no steering wheel support. I guess car racing games fans should migrate to games like Battlefield or FIFA to practice steering wheel gameplay? lol...

- Serious now... please add steering wheel support for NFS Payback!


7 Graphics

- I can't say the game has bad graphics but some weather effect should make the game look much better. At this moment hasn't any drop of water on streets and this feels too "dry".


I'm asking all NFS players who agree with this topic to share it as far as they can to make game developers listen. 


Have a nice day!


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Re: Need For Speed Payback request: Fix the game!


You make good points here. Some things here wont make or break the game for me but, I do not want to get into that. One of my disagreements is, calling the game a 70%-80% disaster. The game is not that bad. I do agree on the performance customization though. I thought they had a good system in 2015. I tolerate this system though. They are going to be throwing in a patch that gives higher quality speed cards more available though, which will help the grinding part of the game.

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Re: Need For Speed Payback request: Fix the game!

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Spending more time upgrading cars that actually drive them + many other issues,for me... makes the game unpleasant.
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Re: Need For Speed Payback request: Fix the game!

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Thanks for sharing your opinion.  It is too bad that you are not enjoying this release of NFS.  I am having fun with it.


1- Something Different

2- options are built into the cars so less hassle more play time

3- should be included - someone dropped the ball on that option

4- n/a

5- No.  Not all cars should be able to reach 399.  

6- don't use one, but not sure why that support is not included - UNLESS it is the result of the steering issue from NFS2015.  If you don't recall that one - many players had an issue with the keyboard cutting out on turns etc.  Maybe it was the steering wheel support that messed it up and they could not resolve it at this time.  

7- Graphics are set great imo.  My rig plays this release better than NFS2015.  2015 was a HOG for resources.  But then I have been reading that people with Rayzen processors are having issues playing the game when you would think the opposite.




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