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Re: Need For Speed 2019

by BLVD69

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Need For Speed 2019

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 Need For Speed 2019 : This game should be similar in structure to Payback but with a better UI, however the next title must get rid of a multitude of things from Payback in order to be successful. I've logged over 500 hours in Need for speed payback, and can confidently say that the game after this long is no longer enjoyable. Need for speed lacks in the fun department and that really downgrades the game. For example, bait crates are the most lack luster and uninspiring thing of what is supposed to make a need for speed game fun. Being chased by the cops for my reckless driving is something that brings a level of enjoyment to the game, however it's not there in any shape, form or fashion. In my opinion I think the idea of bait crates was a level beyond laziness. So I think the solution is to add back free-roam cops but also include the option of turning off the police. Also making police more agressive as a pursuit goes longer in time and the fine goes up if the longer the pursuit is, free-roam cops need to have spike strips, rhinos, road blocks and maybe other things to stop me. and I think the cops should be at a level in which you're legitimately scared of them. And being caught by the police means something. Your car has strikes on it of you're caught and on the third strike of that specific car, it may get towed away and destroyed by the police and you're forced to buy another one.

Secondly, the upgrade system is extremely varied in what parts your car has through different perks and brands, however; it is the worst thing that can ever be put in a game. A random card "slot machine" is not the way to go, it's a waste of time, when all but one card is perfect, it'll takes days to get that exact card you want, cards that are payable more than likely will make your car worse than before. you're only given one card after a race, and you're able to pay real life money to get more speed cards to spend through microtransactions. So I think the solution to this is to add back the upgrade system from need for speed 2015, however increase the amount of varied parts and levels of parts and prices. 

The handling model/physics is a step up from 2015 but also a slight set back. The map does not match the handling model, there are really long bends and very sharp corners. Brake to drift needs to be THROWN IN THE TRASH in the next title, it is childish and makes the game extremely boring and not at all skillful. Furthermore making the grip set up is absolutely pointless because brake to drift makes drifting very easy, it's virtually fake drifting and the game does it for you plus it's the easiest and fastest way to go around a corner, making driving on the "racing line" with a grip tuned car useless because it's slower. The physics model needs some work, for example cars need to be a lot heavier based on the vehicle type and the perk for "Air" needs to be trashed because turning a car nearly 90 degrees in mid air is stupid. Traffic cars need an option to adjust the level of traffic on the road. (No traffic, light, medium, heavy, and extreme) Cars need to be more responsive when it comes to steering the car. Grip tires should effect steering and non-grip tires should do the same. A spoiler that is bought for the car should be adjustable. More angle equals more down force which means more grip and less angle equals less grip resulting in the car to slide. Skill based driving should be present in Need for speed 2019. Drifting should be more of an acquired skill than a mechanic that is forced on to you because it's the fastest way around every corner, driving in grip puts your car at an extreme disadvantage, it should be the exact opposite. Drifting is hard to master, slower in majority of cases but it's cooler, more stylish and satisfying and driving the racing line in a grip car, is easy to pick up hard to master but it's faster. However an extensive tuning system should be able to turn any car into a drift king.

Tuning and Customization: Payback did it pretty well however there were several key features that were left out that really did not sit well with fans, for example, track width, rake, the ability to make NoS power or time length, and others. Tuning in the next game needs to see a huge step up. Because payback was pure laziness and only adding 3 options for tuning the handling in the game for all cars except 1 or 2 classes. Tuning the handling should be a long list of options to really make the car fit you personally, for example: changing a 4WD car to a 2WD car, steering angle for more angled drifts, suspension tuning, tire traction; more or less, however that option must be bought in the upgrade system for fully adjustable. down force by the spoiler (if spoiler is present), and adjusting torque vs horsepower. 

Single player: Something Ghost Games can never get right, the story in payback is lame, boring, corny, stupid, and annoying. We must go back to the days of Carbon, most wanted 05, and a little bit of 2015 but even that one was only so-so.

I want to feel hated by other veteran races in the city when I beat them, and feel that hardcore grittyness of the city streets. make it feel like I'm doing something illegal, make the characters in a way in which players can make a personal connection; thats what makes a character memorable. I want to feel good when I beat a character in a race that's been talking trash. 

The Map: it's not bad in payback even though it can be better, it's a step forward from 2015, however the map is lifeless, there in nothing to do, it's boring, it's the most static map I've ever played a racing game on. Off road is cool and all but I think there should be a slightly lesser focus on off-road and a heavier focus on street racing in the city. The city should be the #1 focus, the city should be more realistic to size and structure. A city like Atlanta would be something to consider with multiple sub ground highways of 6 to 8 lanes in total and some off ramps that go down to get to the highway from the street instead of up all the time and outside the main city is more dirt trails, snowy mountain roads, narrow one lane canyons and long windy streets of the wide open grass lands, with also more to enteract with on the map and the map being more dynamic, for example, a live train that can hit you and damage your car, or a parking garage for drift battles and the garage has car elevator. also multiple active and inactive airport terminals, and maybe also a body of water that can be see up close for some sick photos. besides there are no races on Payback that take place in the city alone. The races and events are pretty boring and devoid of any high tense situations, either in an event or not, the next title needs to make drivers feel like they are one with their car and it's not just there for the pleasure of seeing it but knowing that the car they drive is special to them because the way it feels when they do a reverse 180 turn at 80mph through a back alley and drift between two cop cars and then do a wall tap drift past 4 lanes of traffic with the cops looking for you. the game needs to feel satisfying, that's what brings back players, plus there's nothing you have to be extremely skilled for which also downgrades the game for me, plus the amount of racers should be an option in off-line mode; for example 2 racing opponents up to 16. 

in Payback there are also no weather effects, a bland night and day cycle, activities and objectives on the map that are completely pointless and should mean something in the next title. The 2019 car list needs to be a step forward in terms of imagination because it's not there at the moment. Online free-roam needs to be available at release and not released 6 months down the line. Colors on the map are very washed out and don't look natural. Speedlists should be more varied in the types of events, challenges or even mini games that you can play with friends in their cars. For Need for speed 2019, Ghost can learn a lot from Payback and other games, but they also have to listen to us (the nfs community).we're far and wide but we're out here and if a Developer is reading this, I believe that you guys can really give us the game we've been wanting for years.

I know it's a lot but I had to make a point because I love need for speed but I hate the road it's on right now. Thank You.

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your extensive and valuable feedback.

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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Hello and welcome to the forums.

I just want to say no matter how much we want things fixed EA and Ghost Studios won't bend over for us anytime soon!

EA and Ghost Studios are all about there bottom line which is making Cash and not about making a quality game for all ages!

Thanks for sharing your concerns as many of us are aware of the same problems in the game! 

Have a nice day!

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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@t_rex555666  Im going to also give you XP points for your good post.....return the favor thank you.

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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Yes, pleasant steering is what makes players play for hours. The car should steering easy , if the accelerator is released, as well as easy to drift. For example CarX Drift Racing Online has a very nice drift.
The plot should not be recreational, it should be sharp, explosive with the drama. Watch movies, take cool scenes from there.
I would like to play for one driver, whether it is a woman or a man is not important. I am annoyed by 3 characters in peybak and for everyone his own car ..
I noticed you simplified the action-cam in a peybek? In nfs 2015 it was better! Now it is raised high, add the possibility of its settings, wow effect somewhere at the level of the car is not higher.I would like more rap and style and atmosphere


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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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@t_rex555666 Just wanted to say that your points are amazing, and I completely agree with all of them. Especially regarding freeroam cops and "Brake2Drift" vs grip handling. We need freeroam cops back, it's part of what makes the city feel alive as opposed to the "static" feel that you perfectly described.


However, there are some things I'd like to add. We need to talk about car balance. Let's face it: Not all cars are the same, even if the game is built around cars of all levels being able to compete the fact is, some cars will ultimately be better than others.


Payback took this to a whole new level, and ruined it in almost every way possible. I love the fact that we can upgrade all cars to the maximum level, albeit having to use the awful card system with a performance figure (plus I can't upgrade my Crown Vic to 399), but like the online multiplayer it required a patch. So, back to balance. If you've played Payback, you'll already know the main offenders: Regeras, Porsche 911 RSRs, and Beetles. Now, the Koenigsegg is somewhat understandable, as a hypercar you'd expect it to be powerful. But where I draw the line is when a car has a top speed at least 20 MPH higher than every other car in the game. The Beetle is just strange, insane acceleration and top speed, yet it wouldn't be able to finish without breaking down! As a result, derelicts and other "OP/Meta" cars dominate speedlists and ruin the experience for players who won't change car just so that they can compete with other's unreasonable performance.


I love the point about offroad, I'm sick of drifting like I'm on ice and being unable to drive in a straight line. This is street racing, so the city naturally needs much more focus than it got. I'd also like to take a look at the class system, I personally don't like it. The idea of having a car for every job sounds good, but it's actually poorly executed. It's divisive, it prevents people from using their favourite car, but most of all it just feels obtrusive. Especially with regards to Runner missions and ugh, chassis reinforcement and weight physics in Payback. Hopefully cops will have an overhaul, and they won't be bribed "House Enforcers."


So that's what I think, I'm sorry it's an essay. But really, I think we need more essays from NFS fans, they don't know what you want unless you tell them! And yes, @BLVD69  I'm aware of the futility of our endeavours, and the profiteering nature of GHOST and EA, but maybe we can all work together to get what we all want? 👍

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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Thanks for the great response to me. 

I truly appreciate it.

I also loved your points you added 😉

Have a fantastic day. 👍😁

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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Is Toyota going to be in Need for speed 2019 or the Mitsubishi 3000gt and eclipse gsx

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Re: Need For Speed 2019

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@EA_Barry Is Toyota going to be in need for speed 2019?
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