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NFS Payback Memory Leak

by CLT1167

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NFS Payback Memory Leak

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I've been playing NFS Payback for a while now on my original 2014 Xbox One (the one that's black and looks like a vcr) and I've noticed a pattern with this game. NFS Payback obviously uses a form of dynamic screen and texture resolution, along with a dynamic physics process that ensures that a console's hardware doesn't get over taxed such that a constant 30 FPS can be maintained. However, if you play for extended periods of time (about an hour and 30 minutes on my 2014 Xbox One) the texture's will become noticeably muddier over time. The screen resolution will start to suffer, and sometimes frames get dropped. Traffic also becomes noticeably scarce. I hear these occurences are even more severe on PC with some users reporting up to 32 GBs of RAM being used! This appears to be the result of a persistant memory leak. Upon closing and restarting the game, these issues can be temporarily fixed; but the longer one plays in a single session, the worse off the performance becomes. It can become so bad that the game loses memory to such an extent that it can no longer render the environment properly. This results in barren wasteland glitches where tunnels don't load in allowing the player to drive right over them jumping the mountain they were supposed to be driving through using said tunnel. It gets even worse than that, roads will dissappear, trees and other objects will pop in and out at random in their lowest polygon form. The ground will also dissapear outright allowing the player to fall beneath the map.  This is absolutely unnacceptable. I have no idea how this hasn't been patched yet and why EA/Ghost has done nothing to fix this issue. All I can say is that NFS 2019 better not ship out like this. There is no reason a $60 game should be allowed to be shipped in such a state.

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