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NFS Payback Bait crate bug (with image of the location)

by tTGrunTt

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NFS Payback Bait crate bug (with image of the location)

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So i found a bug in the city with one of the Bait crates, when you collect it then start driving away on the left side of the rode the camera goes to the cop as usual but then turns your car to the left into the side of a building which happens to have gotten me caught once, it still makes you turn to the left if you are on the right side of the road when the cinematic goes off but doesn't make you hit the building if you correct in time. Also sorry for the bad quality of the images i used my phone to take them.


(Side question)

When is the next story missions coming out? i just finished the full story a few hours ago. i hope the next part of the story is longer than just a couple missions.

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Re: NFS Payback Bait crate bug (with image of the location)

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@tTGrunTt This does seem strange, but I'm not sure I can really do anything about it, sorry...
I do agree that it's annoying that the game randomly decides to swerve the car into the cops (or indestructible scenery in your case) most of the time, which as you said, completely ruins the bait crate. If the intro sequence would just let you control your car, then this wouldn't even be an issue! I don't think it's exclusive to this location though, it happens with a lot of them. I had to do a drift donut around a small street car park, because the game decided it would be a good idea to slam the handbrake as soon as it spawned the cop.
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Re: NFS Payback Bait crate bug (with image of the location)

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@tTGrunTt Also to reply to your side question, it seems that Payback won't get anymore missions or updates whatsoever as a result of Need For Speed 2019 being developed. I am very sorry to disappoint you, and was wishing for my own updates too. Anyway, the poor quality story of Payback is very short regardless and was destined to be over quickly. Hope you're doing well and hopefully our next NFS will not be a tragedy!
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