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by ShadowZoroark06

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So why, after all this time, are we still limited to 50 wraps? For me, designing wraps is one of my favorite parts of these games, I spend most of my time in the garage doing just that. But I keep running out of available wraps for my cars, and it sucks. Like I understand that I can only use one wrap, per car, at a time, but that doesn't mean I want to delete a wrap every time I want to make a new one. I would like it if we could have a lot more.

And also, what's the point of capping some cars at lvl 299 if the super cars just have higher base stats anyways? It makes a lot of my favorite cars (e.g. 350z, R34, R32, Silvia, etc.) useless. I love tuners, always have. I want to be able to take them into speedboats and not get absolutely trashed by the super cars. I understand that obviously the super cars would still be faster, but if I could get these cars 399 I'd have a fighting chance. I was really disappointed when I couldn't use my 180sx for race events in the story anymore because it was capped at 299 and couldn't compete.

But, I will say that customization has greatly improved, and unlimited cars is a plus. Just please, give us a little more freedom with more wrap spaces and bringing up the level caps on those cars so people, like me, who love turners can still compete with everyone else! Standard smile
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