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Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

by douglab222

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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God bless you both! And happy Easter. 

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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@BLVD69 Same only I like the new games, most anyway. I think a lot of people want old school designed games until they get them and they fail because people expect more and get bored without things to grind and push for. I see it all the time on Steam. What I cannot stand are retro styled titles, pixels and all, that try to make it seem like you are playing a game on NES. I like games that push visuals and use innovation to make create immersion for gamers. What I don't like are loot boxes created for greed that force gamers to purchase them to advance, compete, or to acquire things not available any other way. Other than that, so long as they are cosmetic, I don't mind loot boxes if you can earn the items in game. I occasionally buy them in BF games if I want something bad enough.
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