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Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

by douglab222

Original Post

Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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Hey Ghost Studio's,


I know you are just like EA and don't really care about the gamer feedback, but if you want to have a instant hit on your hands then you really should make a game just like Need for Speed Underground 2. Have a proper single player where you can truly pause the game and not have this live game service crap and make a proper multiplayer separate from the single player campaign. Get rid of the stupid  cut since with live actors. You could also learned something from classic games like burnout and need for speed most wanted. Stay away from micro transactions and a in game store or pay to win all together.


If you can get that right and keep EA out of the development, look at respawn entertainment on what to do right and don't repeat bioware or EA has done, or Bethesda with fallout 76 and truly listen to the player base and not Andrew Wilson or the top brass at EA who are just greedy.


If you can do these things, I promise you will have a game that scores higher than a 72. I should get something like 80 or higher.



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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

★ Pro


Well spoken and well based facts makes your post catch my attention right away!

EA & Ghost corporate heads seem to take the money and run away!

I feel this N.F.S. series has reached it's demise and frankly I clearly read and talk to many gamers on a daily basis that feel like yourself!

As a community who has supported EA & Ghost Studios as return customers.

I feel EA & Ghost have clearly manipulated the fans of this game series with the fancy show videos when a new game is released! 

You know as a fan we get this feeling of will this next game be all I dreamed about or will it just be another EA egg hunt gone wrong?

Well based on the last 10 years of EA's productions, Im going to say EA will continue laying eggs!

Micro transactions plague EA games out of pure greed!

The game has a redundant movie play out and cut scenes that are childish at best!

I fully agree the advertising within the game is pure ultra brainwashing built into the game!

Graphics have failed, along with Customization not being all that fantastic as was promised before opening day of Payback! 

EA & Ghost Studios are sub par at best and it seems they like cutting corners for profits!

I mean once the next game is dropped they are already thinking up the next fast food game to create for this series.

I remember the old games in this series were not that fancy but they sure did pack a more honest package for a game back then!

The game used to be solely focused on racing in events and multi player worked great!

There was no dumb movies, or advertisements to deal with!

I'm talking about the first five games created for NFS  franchise! 

I still play PS1 & PS2 games and find them way more fun than Payback!

As fans we need to directly contact EA send them a E-mail, call on the phone and give out direct feedback to them!

These forums are good, but not as direct as just contacting them to give feedback on what we would like in a game.

We can make dream car lists and wish upon a million stars but without a community willing to do some work and contacting EA by Email or phone.

Then things will pretty much stay sub par in this series and eventually EA will give up making this game with so few sales of the games being sold! 

All entertainment is a business at the end of every day!

Making money is EA's really game and were just regular people wanting quality entertainment.

Plus were really not getting what we pay for anymore, EA has turned a blind eye towards the consumer, they have grown arrogant and baulk at us.

Sub par games means sub par game play and sub par enjoyability!

Just my thoughts and I thank you for sharing your magnificent post with our community. 

Have a wonderful Weekend! 



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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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Disagree, if you are one of those who loved that stupid Fast and Furious crap series. Then you have no reason too complain, but for me a old NFS gamer on 31. I grewed up with NFS before all this tuning *, in my oppinion i think they should. Return back too High Stakes\Hot Pursuit style just on tracks like in the good old days, im so sick and tired of this illegal racer thing.
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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

★ Pro


You also bring a new direction to the conversation and  I agree your right as well!

The older games were by far more fun and honestly, the way NFS has been going has grown tiring!

The whole stupid story of a Fast and Furious underworld Hollywood non-sense needs to be scrapped from the game!

The game needs a facelift to get back to basics!

Basics being cars and tracks and friends having fun in events!

Cutting out dumb movies and cut scenes and missions! 

Payback feels more like a poor version of The Crew game! 

Have a good day! 

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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Excatly, plus they could return split screen too NFS. Not just online like todays game,anyway i dont have too high expectations for this years game.
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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

★★★★ Novice

Well spoken guy's. I don't disagree with your views. I was just saying that a lot of people that I know and have spoken to via in real life and over the internet always bring up the underground series. However, I still stand by my post. All views are respected and appreciated. I can only speak to my view on the world. Please keep the posts coming Standard smile

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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Yeah but thats the problem, the youngest NFS fans was born when the street race trend started. I was born before NFS series started up, so i grew up when it was all about excotic cars and track racing. That is the real NFS for me, i have never been a fan of the street race hype.
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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

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I grew up playing NFS on my DOS computer and PS1 in the early - mid 90s. I totally agree with you. I would like to see what you are suggesting as well. I hated the NFS 2015 and NFS: payback. They were boring to play and I don't think ghost studios understands the games and that is a shame. I just hope that they are able to figure it out and listen to people more like you and me. We have been playing the NFS games for over 20 years and could provide great feedback. I mean nothing says you are more out of touch than not being able to pause the game. I have mad respect for your opinion and mine Standard smile

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

★ Pro


Yeah, Im in full agreement with you.

I'm not expecting anything grand for the next hot plate mess EA puts on our table offering. 👍😁

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Re: Ghost Studio's want to make a good NFS game?

★ Pro

@BVBgamer88  & @douglab222 

I was born before video games were created. 

I owed the first Atari console in the 1970's. 

Yeah long before video games made it huge.

It didn't take very long of course for my generation to get hooked up be on playing video games. 

The 1980's came along and other game consoles like Activision and Nintendo plus other ones grew in popularity.

I am old school and I do prefer the earlier and much more fun days of simple NFS series. 

Games today make you overthink based on rapid eye responses. 

After awhile I get headaches.

So just sharing my experience thus far with gaming. 

Thank you @BVBgamer88  & @douglab222 for sharing your thoughts.

Have a great weekend. 👍😁

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