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Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

by Luka0101998

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Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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I have noticed that some people on this community are fans of the older games, before Underground came, don`t understand why those types of titles wont return !


The thing is, when you get a racing game, you either love it or you don`t BUT PLEASE stop acting like everybody should stop loving a certain part of it !


Need for Speed had various types of racing, from open road, city night street racing and closed track racing but the Car Culture era is what left a unique and memorable mark in the history of gaming. 

Car culture defines the heart and soul of Need for Speed, wheater you like it or not. If you dont want to listen to cutscenes, then either skip them or don`t play the game at all ! Its that simple !

If you don`t want to VISUALLY customize cars, then don`t  ! The game does not force you to freaking do it ! 


I respect everybodies opinion, but for the love of god, PLEASE QUIT BEING SUCH A PESIMIST ! 


If every developer starts to make the same racing game genre/type all over again, people will get bored ! So what devs do is they make something unique, AND THAT IS WHAT THE CURRENT NFS IS ! 


 It is so unique that The Crew and Forza took notes !


But the difference is, Need for Speed is THE GAME OF THAT RACING GENRE AND WILL ALWAYS BE !


If you don`t want to agree with me, thats fine ! 




As a lot of you may remember, after Undercover back in 2008, the next year NFS went through a identitly crysis.


We had SHIFT, which in my eyes was an utter disaster, then Hot Pursuit that was not even better than the last one ! 

It had awful rubber banding AI, a completely empty map with NOTHING TO DO ! which reduced the playtime a whole lot ! 

It had only exotic cars, not really feeling like there was progress made through out the game, except the racer and cop rangs. 

The game introduced us to the brake to drift handling, which takes the fun out of actually driving a car. 


Then, after The Run, which was a good game, despite of it not having customization and free roam, 2 titles came that RUINED THE FRACHISE ! 


Most Wanted 2012, or as i call it just NFS 2012, was just a Burnout game with cops and real cars, thats all that is to it !

And of course it had the bad feautures of HP 2010 which ruined a lot. 

Criterion had a great vision for that game and a great concept that further on got ruined by the dev cycle. 


And finally, the game that almost killed NFS - Rivals. 


That was the worst NFS i have ever experienced. For a racing game it was solid, for a NFS... very, very bad !


The game had a pattern that repeated itself throughout the years and really did not go that well, without a difference. 


At the time, people were begging for custumization and the devs, being Ghost games at the time new to the NFS fiasco did not understand what a lot of fans meant.

We had car coloring and decaling, along with some basic performance mods that missed the mark !


After that, the community on YouTube, specailly my man BlackPanthaa said over and over again how much things sucked and how a big change was needed ! 


If it wasn`t for the community, NFS WOULD NOT EXIST ! 




I am done talking, if you are still lost in time with everything, please go to Reddit or YouTube and see for yourself what i mean !







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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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@Luka0101998 Unique? Midnight Club and Underground both focused on tuners world. And both showed around 2003-2006. UGH was a trend chaser for the FF ricer fever. Hot Pursuit 2010 actually did a good job at being a HP game. You can say you don't like B2D. It is acceptable. But HP2010 was the last time EA let NFS being NFS and a pure racing game. All BB games feat. stories that's just cheesy and embarrassing. And I still believe a good racing game(just like Burnout)doesn't need stories at all. Tuners already gone too far with 2015 took over the real NFS name. And with such disrespect EA showed with 2015 and nowadays NFS. It is time to either go home with Cannonball or go die by a Cannonball. Stop ruining a 25 years series with a style mainstreamed 9 years after Genesis.
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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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@Luka0101998 Exuse me?, no fence but you are just a kid. You werent even born when NFS started up, i actually grewed up with the cannonball series, wich i referate too the real true NFS, secondly i dont care what Black panthaa means. He is just a babywhiner cant take that guy serious,buy the way Underground and was inspired buy the first FF movie. The guys from Black Box admitted that they was inspired by FF, so if it werent for that. NFS would still be cannonball driven, thats why this years NFS should be a cannonball game,atleast cops and racer gameplay. And buy the way the 25th years anniversery is cellebrating the cannonball series and not the street racing, stop beeing so arrogant. You ricer kids think you are so special and think you are most important,exuse me but me and my grenation was borned before NFS was born. SO actually we are the real true nfs here not you and your ricer friends.
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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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Just a kid ? 

I was born 4 years after the first game

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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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Judging by how you both are defending yourselves, you both are 2 ignorant kids .

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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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@Luka0101998 Then you are a kid because i was born in 1988, and that was six years before the first NFS game launched. That means you are ten years younger then me, i have a littlesister that is on same age as you. I dont judge at all but i just dont like that attitude you have, i respect your oppnion but that doesent mean i like it. We are both too diffrent NFS genration, so we will never agree with eachother. Anyway my oppnion is that EA should relase a cannonball game this year, since 25th anniversery this year cellebrate the 90s games. And next 25th anniversary will celebrate the UG1, then you can have it your way.
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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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@BVBgamer88 Well...Judging by how NFS performed recently,I highly doubt they will have chance to survie till 25th main NFS game,they cant continue the series without respect and accept the full history,That's why I prefer NFS been killed this time,so maybe,just maybe,when NFS will be revived(If revive at all),it will be a classic style return game.
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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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@GK3512 Yeah i agree on that too be honest, i would like too see what Codemasters could do with NFS. I mean that is the same guys developing Grid 2019 and F1 series etc, because it seems like EA dont care about the cannonball style anymore and thats sad. I feel this street race trend has been going on for too long now, they could also developing a NFS game that represent both sides of community ricer vs old school excotics. Because then the tuning thing would only be allowed for those, who choosed too play as a street racer. Not for those of us who played as a stock supercar racer, that is my idea for a NFS game.
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Re: Car culture NFS vs Hot Pursuit era (Essay)

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My first NFS game was NFS Underground 1. It was a very fun game to play.

When I feel nostalgic, I would play it again to relive my childhood. Standard smile


Then I got NFS Most Wanted 2005. That was also a very fun game to play. I would say it's more fun than the Underground games when there's cop pursuits. (That doesn't make the Underground games less fun. lol)

After playing NFS Most Wanted 2005, I define NFS as an arcade street racing game featuring cop pursuits.


NFS Underground 1 and 2 were fun back in the day and I would replay them again when I feel nostalgic, but I do not want another Underground game. Especially when it's not being developed by Black Box. 

@Luka0101998 wrote:

my man BlackPanthaa

I used to watch his videos, but then I stopped watching him when he became a biased YouTuber.

Need For Speed helper

I am not affiliated with EA in any way.

I have quit playing NFS No Limits. I will still be around to answer NFS No Limits questions.
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