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Can’t upgrade my car

by jawsqc77

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Can’t upgrade my car

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I have the Mercedes Benz g63 and I’m stuck with level 12 parts

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Re: Can’t upgrade my car

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Yep, me too. Have an R34 in race spec, bought it after outlaw's rush was unlocked
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Re: Can’t upgrade my car

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Same. Got an offroad Ford Raptor stuck at 299 with level 12 parts. An offroad Ford Focus in the same. And a drag Ford Mustang Fox body in the same.

What the hell is going on?
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Re: Can’t upgrade my car

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Check the performance bar of the car. Some cars can go to max 299, some cars start at 300 and reach 399. Check this performance index to judge your car performance.

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Re: Can’t upgrade my car

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CN21Gaming is right. When you buy a car in the dealership, you can see their minimum/maximum power level in the upper part of the screen. I think you can see that in the garage as well, but dealership is the easiest way. See below example (purple bar shows minimum/maximum car level range). Max level for this car is 299.



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