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Steering Sensitivity??

by angieandretti

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Steering Sensitivity??

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I find it nearly impossible to steer the cars in this game.  I've played every PC-based Need For Speed title back to the first one so I'm used to adjusting to new physics but this I can't get used to.  I'm using an Xbox 360 controller on my PC and the smallest touch to the analog stick sends the car into a hard turn.  It appears there is no adjustment for STEERING SENSITIVITY??  Any way to manually calibrate/customize steering settings?  Anyone else having issues?  Thanks!  -Angie.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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Yeah no Kidding, NFS the Run had it perfect.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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Yeah, I'm really surprised.  I'm having a lot of trouble steering in the game.  Considering Criterion was handling the development, I expected a much smoother driving experience.


I hope there's a patch or some way to adjust the sensitivity.



[NOTE:  I've found a solution.  See below.]

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Re: Steering Sensitivity?? - Possible Solution

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I found something that helped a lot for me.


The first time I started the game, I thought I would play it using the keyboard only, as I did with previous NFS games and with Burnout Paradise.  They keyboard controls seemed really wonky and I didn't like the key bindings.


I plugged in my Logitech 360-style controller and the game immediately recognized it, but the steering control was WAY too sensitive and I kept running into things.  I had gone through the brief tutorial with the keyboard and then changed to the controller and was unhappy.


Now I've deleted the saved game (see elsewhere in the forum for instructions on how to do this- "Start a new game") and started Most Wanted again, this time with the controller plugged in.  I went through the little tutorial where it shows you how to drift, etc and now the controller is much better calibrated.  It's playing more like the NFS: The Run and Hot Pursuit.


If you're not too far into the game, and you're unhappy with the way the controls are calibrated, you might want to try this.  You can always back up your local saved game first in case starting a new game does not help.


Of course, a "Settings" menu for changing the sensitivity and adjusting the steering would be far better, but right now I'm playing the game and enjoying it.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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The more I play the game, the more I'm getting used to the steering sensitivity.  It was horrible when I first started playing and now it feels great.


If I remember correctly, this has happened to me with every new NFS or Burnout game.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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I dont have exactly the same problem , except that steering seems to be 'delayed' or very sensitive then just doesnt respond just as it approaches a crash object.

is this related or a different problem?

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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I have the same problem. Too sensitive and then delayed or unresponsive. I cant figure it out.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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I'm playing the PC version and I love the steering just the way it is.

But I do understand how frustrating it is when it's not to your liking.


Take "The Run" for example. I like the steering before they patched

the game. After the patch I had a huge deadzone and the steering was

way too sluggish and unresponsive. It kiled the game for me.


I really wish there were sensitivity, deadzone and saturation settings

we could adjust to our individual tastes in every racing game including

Most Wanted.


I hope they can fix it for those of you who aren't happy without

ruining it for the rest of us.

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Re: Steering Sensitivity??

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My controller Logitec duel action does the same thing there's times I cant steer at all and even though I pushing the button over to go left I go straight right into a wall or off a cliff. Please fix the controller issues. I believe its when I push the acceleration button then the steering after that itll only do one command at a time so I gotta pick either accelerate or turn and gotta let off the gas most of the time for the car to turn.

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