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PS3 patch 1.03 does not download

by null

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PS3 patch 1.03 does not download

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I've  just purchased Need For Speed MW. When I insert the disc  I am told an update has been detected that I need to install. The update is 1.03 and is approx 2000 MB in size. The estimated download time is over 900 minutes (15 hours!) The download never completes.

I have a fast broadband connection. Other games bought at the same time do not have these issues, their content downloads with no issues.How can I resolve this? I s that update size correct? Do I really need to leave my PS3 on for over 15 hours just downloadinh?



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Re: PS3 patch 1.03 does not download

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I am having the same problem.. I bought the terminal volocity pack.. turned on the game said I needed to update to 1.03.. starts the download after 30% comes up with the following error code 80710723


I have googled it mentions about adding the ps3 to DMZ 


the thing is I just downloaded BF3 End Game.. No problems whatsoever!!!




Anyone able to help us?


thanks in advance..

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Re: PS3 patch 1.03 does not download

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got the same problem ......dont know what to do Frown looked up for this error on google and its got something to do with port forwarding,dmz stuff.... someone plz help us.....

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Re: PS3 patch 1.03 does not download

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Hi there..


I fixed thie issue.. by doing :-


switch off ps3 then unplug it. then switch off your router.. leave for 5 mins turn on router... then PS3 and try again.. that worked for me fingers cross it will work for you guys too...



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