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[PC] Stuck on loading screen

by kerimkJ

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Installed the new patch, loaded game up got past the loading screen lockup for the first time ever, had one game, came out of game, loading screen locked up, WAY TO GO EA, does anyone from EA like to answer what on earth are you doing releasing unfinshed games that do NOT work out of the box, really though you really couldn't run a bath. so again I WANT MY MONEY BACK.


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Stuck at loading screen

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When I start up Need for Speed, I get the 'press a key' screen, and when I press a key, it shows a loading screen. The loading screen doesn't go away. I leaved it loading for about an hour, but it didn't help. 

Please help me.



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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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@buliwlondynie wrote:


I had the same problem ( freshly installed Windows 8 Pro).


I'm not sure if that is a fix, but I did 2 things and it works now.


1.I installed .NET Framework ( just install direct x SDK:   C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted\__Installer\directx\redist )


2.I updated my Origin account details (settings/account) - add Origin ID and it will "fully" log you into Origin.


Hope that helps.


I have win 7


This fix works. Thanks!

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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where can I find that patch at?

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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The game will update through Origin. My game was updated nearly 2 hours ago. But in my case the update didn't solve the problem, the game pass the loading screen but in game from 10 to 10 minutes it gives me an error.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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can you do it manually or do you have to wait for it to do it on it's own?

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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I didn't do enything. I just restarted Origin.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Guys if you are using AMD drivers 12.11 beta (4) take them out and revert back to 12.10 seems to have cleared up my problem, touch wood, I STILL WANT MY MONEY BACK THOUGH lol.


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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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The patch did not fix the problem for me.


Previously, I reverted from 12.10 to 12.8 but the issue remained.


This wouldn't be so bad if they would at least acknowledge the issue and let us know when it might get resolved.  I'm starting to think that by the time I actually get to play, friends will have moved on from multiplayer.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Community Manager



Thank you all for providing us with logs, although we are still investigating, we do not need any more logs at this stage. We will update you, as soon as we do have more information available!


In the meantime, please check out this post.


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