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[PC] Stuck on loading screen

by kerimkJ

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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It's now June 2017 so thought these issues would be resolved, I install origin ok on my pc...but when I run it I just get a white screen with the round whirls circle thing.....tried everything, clean boot etc..


however my my son who has an identical build pc installed and ran origin without a problem....


any ideas please



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Re: [PC] Stuck on loading screen

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I'd tried many ways like, installing .NET framework, reinstalling Origin, re-login Origin, clearing origin's cache in AppData and ProgramData, changing game resolution in config.NFS13Save, reinstalling graphic card driver, remove & reinstall game, etc.

I was looking at msconfig's services (Windows + R), hide all Microsoft services. I couldn't see Origin Client Service and Origin Web Helper Service
I also didn't see Origin program listed  in App & Features (Remove app & program in Windows 10's Settings)

The only way that fix for me is to REMOVE ORIGIN FOLDER (not Origin Games folder), download and reinstall OriginThinSetup.exe again. Then just normally login Origin app & play Most Wanted, and YES! no more loading loop!

Hope this will help someone

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