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[PC] Stuck on loading screen

by kerimkJ

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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i did that , but still the same , stuck in loading screen ! i been waited 15 mins something . nothing change . 

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Its pretty pathetic that a company with so much experience in creating and marketing games has to ask its customers for help in order to fix a product that they payed an arm and leg for.  Maybe we should all get credit towards purchasing another game. That would atleast show some effort on the part of EA to keep its customers happy.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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With the patch and i still get error, on loading and in game. Waste of money Confusedmileysad:

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PS3 here

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What about PS3 users? I am having the same issue, cannot play online or even start the game if online, have to disable the PSN to start it up. Please help!


It gets stuck on the first "Loading" scren, ticker goes forever.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Why is it tagged as solved. The game is still not working and I tried everything mentioned over here.


I want my money back. I would rather use a cracked version of the game if I cannot play the original. 

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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How ironic... I bought this game because I was sick and tired of all the bugs in NFS:World (a 2+ year old MMO that still breaks constantly).


Instead I ended up wasting $50 on a game that won't even go past the "Loading" screen... I feel like a complete idiot for giving EA more of my money.


Initially I thought the loading screen was kinda cool, but now it brings forth all kinds of dread and anger. I can see it now, tire treads scrolling slowly by in the background behind my browser window... and I want nothing more than to punch my fist through the monitor in a vain attempt to physically harm the loading screen.

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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EA- I haven't bought a game for years and today I bought Most Wanted in hopes that maybe the online community has improved and the gameplay of the NFS franchise has improved since you ruined it with ProStreet.
It hasn't obviously. You guys used to be a great company and now all I see are bad reviews on your games. What happened to original ideas coming from you guys? Now you're having a hard time getting your games past your loading screens, then asking your fan base to help you out in solving the issue. 


Come on EA. Your fans are losing faith and you don't seem to be trying to fix that. 

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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Has anyone tried reinstalling origin? It gets stuck there if it can't authenicate properly i think.

Seems have fixed it for at least 1 person. Standard smile

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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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The "Dreaded Eternal Loading Screen" problem definitely appears to be an Origin authentication issue. When you first install Origin and run it, it's supposed to ask you to confirm some of your profile details. If it doesn't do that, then it wasn't initialized properly and trying to run the game will result in the DELS, without giving you any error message to let you know what's wrong (brilliant design, btw... even more annoying than a cryptic error number).


For me, exiting and restarting Origin a few times did the trick. Eventually it asked me to confirm my profile details and it worked. But first I had to change my Origin ID to something else and wait a few minutes for the change to take effect.



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Re: Stuck on loading screen

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That also didn't help me. Frown

I tried:

Reinstalling Origin

Disabling In-Game Origin things

Disabling Cloud Save functionality

Changing Desktop resolution

Changing to offline mode (how can there be an Origin authentication issue in offline mode?)

Killing all Processes like Steam, Punkbuster etc from other Game Companies

Repairing the Installation

Changing the Origin ID and entering my full name

None of this helped.

One other thing is that Origin Game installations always fail on my system (BF3, Fifa and NFS here) until I manually create the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EA Games\Install Dir entry manually and restart the installation.

Maybe there's the reason that the installation skips steps in this case which are missing later on?

I.e. I checked "Create Desktop Shortcut" during installation and this shortcut is also missing.

But other Games work after this workaround (which is pretty annoying too, took me hours of google until I found it)


Maybe somebody of you, who finally made the game start, could remember any other steps you tried which could have made the trick?


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