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Please delight me!

by iNemesis247

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Please delight me!

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Well.. I will re-type the whole story here. I bought a game 15 days ago, i paid it with my master card, i downloaded the game and i was playing it just fine for 3 days. Then the game suddenly disappeared and origin would pop up that if i wanted to play need for speed deluxe edition i had to activate it in my EA account. The problem is that i deleted the e-mail containing the product code. When i visited the order history i saw that the purchase was completed and so i contacted the EA help claiming a lost product code. Then after a couple days they e-mail'ed me and told me that this happened due to a chargeback and that their action was correct and they will not remove the sanction from my account.. I don't really get what chargeback means or that "they will not remove the sanction from my account" and i thought that it would be helpfull to contact my bank, which i did 10 minutes ago. They told me that they can see the purchase and they binded 19.99 euros but in order to proceed and send the money to you they need you to send them the proof of purchase or something like that. So i came here asking. What is the problem ? Will i ever get the game back ? Who is responsible for this situation ? Me , you or the bank ? Please don't tell me that i will recieve email shortly cause i will never recieve it. Thanks for your time and i'm sorry if i asked you over and over again the same thing. But i really never understood what happened.

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