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Re: Feedback & Suggestions


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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

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mini cooper totally agree too Standard smile

also i wish  











also suv v offroad









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Multi player races lobby

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This is the one thing missing from the new Need For Speed. The game has a menu, and it's here that I think this option should be placed, a lobby that works similar to the one from NFS The Run, which in my opinion is still after 4 years the best multi player racing experience out there
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Re: We need Lobbies in NFS!!!

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i totally agree bigger lobby is super doooper idea Standard smile 

but i noticed alot players from europe or australia lag Frown  

game also need filter internet connection ( players with great connection +4 / +3 play together and players with bad connection +2 / +1 play together )  not all together!!! it is * 

ruined it fun Frown 

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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

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i agree add new cars and part of cars , but we need also second garage because only 5 park places is very low !! 

my opinion players what play a lot  have full garage and now just saving money but on what??  when can't buy new car because limit 5 awww 

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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

★★★★★ Newbie

Hi guys. Firstly well done on the best Need for Speed game in over a decade. I felt it really captured the spirit of the modified car scene (or more likely what people wish the scene was like!). It was great to see up and coming British actors in the cast and seeing them interacting with racing legends. Great set design too, makes you want to be there with them. The vehicle handling took a while to get used to but once it clicks and you can nail a big drift it's very satisfying, whilst still remaining tricky. I just achieved the platinum trophy and greatly enjoyed the journey to get there. I'm looking forward to lots of DLC and hopefully a Need for Speed 2! Here's a list of things I'd love to see in the game.



- More cars. Particularly classic American muscle. Get some Chevy's and Mopar's in there.


- More existing visual customisation options. Body kits, hoods, wheels, exhausts etc.


- New visual customisation options. Neons, nitrous purge, scissor/suicide doors, spinners, hydraulic/air suspension etc.


- Interior customisation. Roll cages, bucket seats, nitrous bottles, trim colour, neons, sound systems etc.


- More paint finishes. Satin, pearlecent, metal flake, colour shift etc.


- The option to colour exterior trims. For example changing chrome trim to gold, copper or painting it.


- I couldn't paint wheels a bright gloss white. The closest I could get was a light grey.


- More vinyls. Particularly shapes and complex shapes.


- The ability to reorder vinyls so that a newly added vinyl can be placed beneath existing ones.


- The ability to duplicate vinyls from one side of a car and paste them on the other, so that both sides are symmetrical. (I spent a lot of time having to do this manually).


- The ability to group individually applied vinyls together so that they can be manipulated or duplicated as if they were one vinyl.


- Further stories and races to keep the momentum going.


- Expansions to the map.


- More urban music. The likes of Lil' Jon, Mystikal, Petey Pablo and T.I. helped make Underground very memorable.


- More bass to the music. When driving in the game the music sounds tinny and distant.



Can't thank you enough for making this game. People have wanted a spiritual successor to the Underground/Most Wanted/Carbon series for a very long time. I'm genuinely excited to see what the future brings.

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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

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I don't even know where to begin.

Perhaps a question. Let's start with a question. Why did you lie to your audience about a rich 20 year history filled with customization. Is your audience according to you people who believes that Underground series were the first NFS? I have no problem with a NFS with no tuning/customizing at all but lying about a deep customization when there is barely is a bold move. 
Oh, there are body kits? Oh that's right my bad. I forgot that NFS was not a huge platform only to promote what is already out there. RB, LB, RWB among some other big, fancy and trending brands. Oh Monster Drink and hot wheels as well. Man..
Perhaps This should have, AT LEAST be called Need For Speed kits Edition. People would STILL be excited about it because let's be honest, this is what the hype is about for you guys. When people do not know, and when they see the possibility to have a ready made LB or RB kit on, omg so exciting this new NFS. Well from my point of view, it is not. This is from a point of view of someone who has barely never been disappointed with NFS (except Undercover). Someone who adores NFS, and who is not fond of the f up and especially the lies, marketing lies this time. Marketing lies, can we even help this?
I know how it is with publishers these days, how it is with businesses and I see the point of bluffing to create a buzz. But EA is so big, that it could have been done with simply a good job. Like you guys used to, back then. 

What's next? A very bad release that almost look like an incomplete game. FREE DLC planned? You currently do not have plans for any paid DLC? That's what your social media team writes to people with little smiley faces. I am SAD, that people actually fall for that. I mean, YES We get it that it will be free. The fact that you guys had a terribly bad release, incomplete and all, it better be free right? It's not rocket science. I mean come on you guys, you are EA and when you say Free DLC, it's funny! 
The game is filled with a lack of parts and changeable elements for cars. No matter what cars. From an F40 (we get it with licencing) to an iconic tuner like the S15 or R32. Are you guys serious? When you start the game, the parts are LOCKED - very exciting so let's play and unlock stuff! yay NFS tuning. But what happens when they are unlocked? They are not available. Yeah, okay. Oh, I am sorry you mean they will come in the FREE DLC? Oh, nice. My bad then. 

You guys, Ghost studios. You brag about how you "took the mantle of NFS with a rich 20 year of customizing..." Are you serious? And you call your selections a design? With a car so Iconic as the R32, you can't even provide a proper custom designed Front bumper which is sadly the one thing possible to change. And your design is the same Front Stock bumper with two f holes in it I mean, seriously? Yes you want to replicate simple existing designs but this is not an excuse. You branded these designs as NFS ones and you shot yourself in the foot with it. 
Don't even get me started on the front splitters. They are all same for every single car it can be put on. They are all flat, badly designing. They are boring. There is a HUGE gap between these and the actual, pre-made kits in the game. You guys, your design team should be ashamed. And don't even get me started on the rear diffusers. What a joke. 

Again.. Free DLC.
So many people finished the game already. And I doubt all of them is going back to install your DLC to finally get these missing parts. Hell, we don't even know if these parts are going to come in the DLC but this is a rough judge considering how incomplete this release is, and of course being FREE. 

Let's move to.. the next one. This game is rigged with bugs. From scrapping a wall and crashing, to this ridiculously unbeatable Amy and her stupid 180 Sx that does not make any sense at all. 
You guys had a BETA. Right? How come the BETA was so much better than the actual release? Not in terms of these issues but contents right now. But you know what, let's not even go there, let's stick to the bugs. I remember when game companies we're releasing Patches to fix their poo. Was there even a day 1, day 2 or day 3 patch? I don't even think I noticed anything. Or was this just a wow we release, tonight we ride blah blah we got your money and we don't care about you anymore? I mean seriously so me people bought Deluxe edition of the game? And many of them complained that it's so bad that it's like they bought just the normal release. What was promised was not even given..
So where are the patches? I believe that a game studio fix their game's bugs with patches, and NOT with a DLC. I can't believe that people are like "it's okay guys they will fix the Ai with the DLC". People are so stupid these days and YOU are feeding off their stupidity. 
The Ai has HUGE issues in this game. I have never seen ANY other game with such bad Ai. The races, the cops. Everything is a hot mess. People complained about it after the Beta and you guys bragged about how you were listening to the community. What did you listen to? Or was the talking to the community Just saying thanks to the people who were praising the game and being excited? God damn it EA. Really feeding off people's stupidity aren't you? I feel sorry for them. 
My God the cops. Now that I think of it - How come are you guys letting this game go on like this with no fixes at all? People have to run like 20mph to make a pursuit last. And what is with the few spots you can find a cop or two in the game? what.. And you can't even crash any of them? Nice. Is it because the pursuit is so slow and there is no chance of finding another one? Maybe. 
Another thing I would like to point out, or ask about is what is with the constant night? Why do I ask. Well because there is at some point a day break in the game apparently. That lasts 5- 10 seconds. Does that make ANY sense to you? Why even bother put it there if it's meant to be only night illegal street racing and all? This is ridiculous guys. 

At this point, I am wondering. Should I go on? Maybe.. Or maybe I will just conclude this here. 

I am not writing as someone who PAID and got disappointed. I do not mind paying for a franchise that I absolutely love. I absolutely LOVE Need For Speed. I always loved it despite I believe NFS Undercover was a big let down (but still played it, like I still played this one)
But my point is looking at how businesses work, publishing companies these days, and EA is not an exception. Let's face it. We do love EA but it does not have the best reputation. 
I remember how you guys killed off C&C after you got your hands on it. What a disappointment. And now there's EA. At this pace, people should be worried of what you're doing to the Franchise. 
Again, like me, many people have nothing against a NFS with no customization. We love it as well. And we also love the ones with the customization, yes. But the fact that people are being fooled that THIS new nfs is one of these is a big let down. 

I mean what happened guys? Rivals was SUCH and EPIC release I would give it 10 on 10! 

Free DLC is coming. Should we play the game again? I do not think so. I think that despite all your promises and big talks, the company should have stepped up and own up to the mistake and announce an overall delay for every versions. At least if this was released as a completed game. Because right now the only thing that is complete with the game is the story.. Or is it. 

Here's to a next NFS. I wonder what you guys will be having next. 

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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

★★ Apprentice
Yeah and on the other side off VB..
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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

★★ Apprentice

heya OG-Sike


only american muscle i can't agree i like also european & japanese cars , but i miss here PONTICAC FIREBIRD , PLYMOUTH BARACUDA & PLYMOUTH SUPERBIRD Standard smile 

CYNTHIA'S post has amazing list of cars there are all of categories 


about music i like techno music great for racing wehehe =)   ( BLACKOUT CREW ) 


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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

★★★★★ Novice

agreee pontiac and plymouth are top classic cars Standard smile

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Re: Feedback & Suggestions

★★★★★ Novice

totally agree i have full garage and i want buy more cars but i can't  Frown   

i know i can sell cars but i don't want Tongue out 

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