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Setting Controls

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Why you have put one set of commands ? why not put the chance to accelerate and brake with the front buttons (the X button and the square button on ps4) 

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Need for speed most wanted

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If they remake need for speed most wanted 1 and carbon they let you keep ur BMW from the start
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Upcoming need for speeds

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They need to make a new need for speed most wanted and carbon they with razor back and cross and the villain from carbon and the blacklist back with the old BMW or new and a need for speed the run 2 with a open world and a longer story and make need for speed undercover 2 with BMW this time and they should remake most wanted 1 and carbon
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where is the chat window!?

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Where is the chat window!? How can i interact with others players !????

Is a big map and only 8 players /sesion, so we need a chat window .We need communication between players.

C'mon  guys Standard smile


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Manual transmission

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I have played need for speed since underground first came out and I am taking your game back due to the fact that there is no manual transmission this is no racing game this is an arcade game for kids to play you have made it that way and you have lost me as a customer
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customization wishlist

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Could you please add the following options ?


-  Decal mirroring. 

- While editing the top of the car please make sure the decal is placed in the middle of the car. 

- Add a option to select and move multiple layers at once

- A small logo creator to create logos/symbols and place them on your car instead redoing them for every single car.

- A option to set your car for sale and let players in your server be able to buy it from you.

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Hi. I would like to know why you guys always commit mistakes so foolish? What it costs to you to put more settings for the controller ?? And what it costs to implement the use of the "steering wheel" in a game that could make history, as Need for Speed ?? !! I have only one arm, i am invalid, damn life. And I cannot play because you have chosen to use only one set of commands and I think that is something really stupid. Is not worthy of your professionalism in the field. I think you should try to have an eye for the problems of life, because not all people are STANDARD. And I hope that you implement patches that can detect WHEEL CONTROLLERS and CUSTOM TOTAL KEY controller. Because for you, not change anything, but it solves the problems of millions of people who find themselves frustrated being unable to play. THANK YOU.

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Close Chaser 0/1 Pursuit

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"Escape a pursuit after nearly getting busted 5 times"
I'm having a problem with this. I allow the cop to stop next to me until the camera starts to look down on my car five times and then I escape pursuit but I don't complete the Daily Challenge. How does this really work?
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What happened to the rocketbunny gt spoiler for the nissan 180sx?

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What happened to the rocketbunny gt drop down spoiler for the nissan 180sx that was in the pictures and the beta?

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Customization Request For The '69 Mustang

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Hello EA & Ghost,


I've got a request for the 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback for some customization. I noticed that the version we have in Need for Speed is the late '69 model. This version seems to get modeled more than the original '69 model. Late '69s didn't have the side scoop in the rear fender (quarter panel) that was at the front just behind the door handle & lock. The late '69 model also didn't have the mustang badge on the c-pillar like we have in the game. I love the fact that the 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback (properly called Sportsroof) is in the game and with the ability to make a 1970 model. That gives us basically two model years with only a single car. So I have a request to have another rear fender (quarter panel) for a customization option that has the side scoop and mustang badge on the c-pillar. That would give us the ability to make a true original '69 Ford Mustang Fastback. I'd love to see this make it in Need for Speed as it's my favorite in the game. I've included some links to each of these.

Side Scoop
Side Scoop 2

I also have another request for the 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback for some other customization. I've noticed there is no hood with the hood scoop as an option. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the model in the game doesn't have one. Not all models had it. However,I would love to have the option to use a couple different hood scoops. There was three basic hood scoops which were the Mach 1 style (Boss 302 also),the Boss 429 style,and the Shaker style. So this is my other request,to have these hood scoops as customization. I've also included some links to each of these.

Mach 1 Style Hood Scoop (Boss 302 aslo)
Mach 1 Style Hood Scoop (Boss 302 also) 2
Boss 429 Style Hood Scoop
Boss 429 Hood Scoop 2
Shaker Hood Scoop
Shaker Hood Scoop 2
Shaker Hood Scoop 3 (all that would show)


Something I just remembered that I wanted to mention was the ride height of the '69 Mustang. I would like to be able to lower it more than you currently can without the use of a body kit or side skirts. There is still a pretty decent gap from the ground up the the bottom of the side exhaust options if you choose to run them. If it could be lowered a bit more that would be awesome.


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