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Unopened packs disappeared

by a9np16ichyz

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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Bought the super deluxe version and retrieved 13 packs. Opened 5. Other HUT packs disappeared. Already opened a ticket but it was just closed without any feedback unfortunately.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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My psn is Sluk86. I bought the super deluxe edition as well. I'm missing the 10 packs that were part of Pre-Order Bonus. They just disappeared a few days ago. The returning player packs were still there. I also didn't receive the 2 packs that were part of the package every Sunday. I login to HUT on Sunday the 18th and no packs were delivered.Can you tell me what's going on?  

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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Logged in, had 2 packs(from my deluxe edition??), redeemed my returning user reward and then had 12 packs in total. Opened 2 packs and then signed out. When I signed back in on sat 17th sept I was down to 2 packs.


Have just spent 2 and a half hours talking to the help line, have been cut off 5 times in total. Have requested to talk to a supervisor 3 times with no luck, cut off each time. Have been told that I must have opened the packs and so nothing can be done!! 


Is EA really telling me that they have no way to see that I've only got the 24 extra players that the 4 gold plus packs gave me on top of my starting hut cards? They can surely see that there is no buying and selling happening on my account.


At the moment it looks like my thanks for supporting the NHL franchise is to have £19.99 worth of HUT packs taken away from me, what's that called? Oh yeah...STEALING! And as an added bonus for buying 10 instalments of the game I get called a liar too. This is not good customer service or relations and the goodwill I have towards the company is being eroded at a scarily rapid rate. 


I'll be trying again tomorrow when the help lines open and can only hope I get to talk to someone who can sort this out without making it any worse.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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Hi Barry,


I have also lost all of my unopened packs on my account. These were the 10 Gold Plus packs (with tradeable contents) that were included as part of the pre-order bonus that were received during the EA access trial period (September 8th, 2016). I pre-ordered the game through EA access and have not received any of the weekly gold packs yet either.


I still have one RUB pack that I haven't opened on that account (fronkdegronk).


Please let me know if you require any additional information from me!





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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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Sorry - I am playing on Xbox One. Team name is: The FDGs.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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How was your problem resolved? I had a very unpleasant conversation with costumer service and they seem to say that you are out of luck when it comes to getting them back.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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EA support can't do anything. What a scam. Last time I'm buying any pre-order package or spend money on packs.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

Community Manager



I understand your frustration on this but we are still working on the issue. We will post any available update here.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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I'm having the same problem. I received my 10 packs for preordering the deluxe edition, I opened 5 and my other 5 disappeared. Any update on this would be greatly appreciated since they were the reason I preordered the deluxe edition.

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Re: Unopened packs disappeared

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I finally got through to support via the phone (call me) option last week. EA Live Chat does not seem to do anything. They asked several questions and we able to re-issue the missing packs to my account. Took about 20 minutes on the phone. I was told the packs had to be used within the first week, which is fine, but they were gone 4 days after the game's public launch. If there are stipulations like this on the packs, they need to let users know up front.


Best of luck to others who ran into this problem. 

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