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Super Deluxe Pre Order Gold Packs Not Received

by MeatySandpiper

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Super Deluxe Pre Order Gold Packs Not Received

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Alright I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe version of NHL 17 on July 6th through the Microsoft store on my XBox1 and received my initial Gold Packs, but I haven't received any more than those. I called up EA Customer service and they told me to call Microsoft. So I did and now Microsoft is telling me it has to be an EA issue because they can't issue the gold packs that is has to be a part of EA's servers (makes sense). Can someone give me an answer? 


I never received a code (that I'm aware of), I looked through my email and couldn't find anything. Even searched my SPAM and nothing. I'm just looking for an answer to my question as this is starting to get extremely annoying... 

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Re: Super Deluxe Pre Order Gold Packs Not Received

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Never mind... EA is saying I need a code and Microsoft is saying I don't. Either I'm talking to the wrong people or I'm just getting the run around. Regardless it is past October 2nd and there isn't anything anyone can do. Just wasted 100 dollars. Sorry to waste everyone's time if they actually clicked on this...

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