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Players stop skating when they have the puck

by regis0515

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Players stop skating when they have the puck

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As soon as a player receives the puck the go into glide mode. It is not the controller as it works fine in all other games I have and it works perfectly fine in the main menu. I have re installed the game and tried a couple other things but nothing. Any ideas????
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Re: Players stop skating when they have the puck

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I got the same problem. Everything runs was well but after updated I cannot move player with the puck or the player suddenly stop and it tooks A while to move him again. I thought my controler is broken, but another one did the same. Pls. somebody help us to solve this problem.
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Controller Issues

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i've had this issue for the past couple weeks.


Every now and then my left stick on the controller stops functioning and my player stops moving his legs, but only when I have control of the puck on offense.  It never happens when I'm skating without the puck, whether on offense or defense.  And the responsiveness of the controller in general is bad, even in the menus, so its not a connection issue.


Now I'll admit I'm probably due for a new controller, but this issue doesn't arise while playing any other game or navigating Xbox menus.  Like I said, it's only in NHL 17, and specifically when my player is carrying the puck.


Are there any known issues such as this?  Is there anything I can do, maybe reinstall the game, or just simply buy a new controller and see if that fixes it.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: Players stop skating when they have the puck

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Same issue here, i see EA has not responded.

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Re: Controller Issues

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is it a bluetooth issue?can try a wired controller?try resync the controller to xbox...


but if it only NHL and that didn't help you could try a re install of NHL.


good luck 



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Re: Controller Issues

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Thanks for the reply.


So I've reinstalled the game.  Still having the same issue.  However, I played an offline game while waiting for the reinstall, and I had no controller issues.  


Once the game installed, played online and it started happening again.


I've tried with it plugged in, and unplugged.  I've power cycled my Xbox.  I've re-synced my controller.  I'm not sure what else I can do.


I hope someone from EA can shed some light as to what the issue is.



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Re: Controller Issues

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It's pretty despicable how poorly I'm (we're) being treated here.  I've been a loyal EA customer for 25+ years and I cannot even get a simple reply.


They're quick to reply to other topics, so what this tells me is that either:


a) they know there's an issue but don't have a resolution




b) they don't care.

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Re: Controller Issues

Community Manager



Have you tested with another controller?


Are you sure you are not pressing the stick down like a button?


Who is your ISP?

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Re: Controller Issues

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No I haven't tested another controller, like I said in my original post, this only happens in NHL, and specifically when skating with the puck on offense.  So I don't feel it necessary to spend money on a new controller when the symptoms only pop up in one specific scenario.


And yes, I'm sure I'm not pressing down the stick like a button.  Been playing the game a long time to know the difference.


My ISP is Bell Canada.  My connection is fine.  I work for my ISP and have tested and self installed everything on my end. Connection is 53/8.

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Re: Controller Issues

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Its gotta be the controller......imo




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