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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

by dsreiberg89

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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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yip same here


hello ea is this thing on ??

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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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Had this issue for over a month.  They don't give a **** about us.  The two guys that respond from EA in this forum just answer with the same thing.  "Check your internet and do a trace"  I want to find the head office phone number and call them but EA is so pathetic they don't even list one.

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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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Just got the game yesterday and I tried over and over again to play a drop in game. I had zero luck and it's not my connection because I have a netduma router.
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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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Just because other people are online it doesn't mean it isn't something wrong on EA's end. you guys need to start giving us solutions or handing out refunds i have plenty of proof it has nothing to do with my internet as well as other people. All the games in my Xbox one library with online capabilities work as well as my PS4 and Pc. NHL 17 for a lot of people only EASHL online mode works and the rest of online modes do not giving the error code "failed to retrieve data" . It's something wrong on EAs end period, I know your just doing you job Tom but you and fellow staff are blatantly pushing aside the fact by passing this off as people's connection issues when clearly it's not. I can understand issues at the beginning of release which is why I have waited when I first had issues but this has gone on too long. We are almost 4 months into this games life cycle and the problem still isn't fixed and staff at EA are not helping, only to pass off the blame to the customers internet provider. I'm sure yes there has been some people with that issue of ports being blocked but let's not do pretend it's everyone's problem and hope and pray people don't get fed up with buying a broken game and go the legal route. I have asked for a call and literally phone rang twice and they hung up before I could even say hello. Dodging people's problems only costs companies more in the end
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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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It's something wrong on EAs end they just keep dismissing it as our internet providers issue. This is highly illegal btw
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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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This is *! I always get this game around this time. I have never had issues like this in the past. This sucks! I guess I will be trading this in soon
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Nhl 17 can't can't find opponent

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I purchased NHL 17 yesterday. I tried to play normal online versus mode. I kept waiting, can't find opponent until it said, it failed to retrieve my information. I never had any problems before with other versions to play online. I read different stuff online. Mostly wanting to get my NAT open. I got all those issues resolved. I have my NAT open now. But even after all this, I can't find an opponent. I just want to play online. I read many forums with this issue from fifa to nhl. Is EA sports doing anything?
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Re: Nhl 17 can't can't find opponent

Community Manager



If you are still unable to find an opponent then please also review our further connection related articles:


Note: in certain cases the connection will have to be opened from the side of your internet provider.


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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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@TDK881 @toadie09


Online games have to be configured individually - this means that if one online game works, it will not guarantee another working just the same.


If other players are currently online without issues then it would confirm the following:


  • You have incorrectly configured your network for play with NHL
  • A specific internet provider is affected
  • A specific region is affected

I looked into any outstanding connection related issues for both of you, but at the moment there aren't any. Please review the following articles once more for further help:


Or, refer to your internet provider for additional assistance.


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Re: NHL 17 Xbox one - can't find players

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Had this problem earlier this year and once again, its happening again fml. I have no clue what i did to fix it it just worked one day. PLEASE HELP


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