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Re: Lost all coins on hut

by J-Timberlake_JF

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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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They came back when I went on the next day after I woke up. [Comment Removed - Admin.]

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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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This worked right away for me. I just went buy something in auction. It says it failed to buy and ally by coins started flying back in. Note: i didnt have to actually buy anthing to get them back but aim for something cheap just to be safe.
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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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I purchased 1050 points which did not appear. Purchased 500 immediately after thinking that wo7ld kick them in, only got 500. Then bought 250 twice and received those but no 1050. Having a hell of a time getting in contact with an advisor. Can someone from ea investigate and add the points? PSN is RayzersEdge204, points were purchased in game using Psn card.
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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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I can see you tried to contact an Advisor but were unable to speak to them. Can you see the following article for help on contacting us and maybe try using a VoIP app?

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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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I recently bought the 200k pack and I only used about 30k. I went out of town for a few days and haven't been online. When I got back all of my vc is gone!? I tried to restart my console hoping they would appear again, but no. Any other ways to get it back?! This honestly makes me mad
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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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I recently had 103k in my account, I tried buying 96 Mark Messier for 76500. I lost the bid and I’m down to 29,500 and it’s insnae the money hasn’t come back it’s been a couple days. I’ve spent a ton of money on this game I can show u the Messier card on my unsuccessful bids and show you all my won bids I haven’t spent a dollar except when I tried to get mark and didn’t.
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Re: Lost all coins on hut

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Hey I sold a hut card for $175,000 and I got 171,000 back. 

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