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Hut infinite loading

by ipwnroyalof2015

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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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I am having the same issue with HUT every other game mode works perfectly online but with HUT I just get an endless loading icon. Very disappointed as this is my favorite game mode please fix ASAP. My gamer tag is CallMeDaddy716 I last tried to log in this morning.
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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I have the same problem on my main Xbox live account.  Also, I signed in under another Xbox Live Profile and HUT worked initially, showing the video and allowing me to open the starter pack.  I then signed out of HUT back to the main menu, then attempted to return to HUT and now the profile has the same loading problem.  Hope this helps identify the issue

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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What worked for me twice in a row is to set up a >>Guest Player<< profile from within my profile magament menu and signing out of said guest player profile.


I'm NOT referring to signing in with a different profile, but just adding a guest and then sign out of the guest profile.

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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I guess this is my only shot
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Hut Infinite Loading

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I'm having the infinite hut loading screen just as I was in the trial with the full game. Is there a fix? I tried to sign in with a different account an it worked fine for hut. So something I'd blocking my account from accessing your servers for hut. Please help.
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Re: Hut Infinite Loading

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So not only is it not fixed, but when I do get in by the switching profiles method, I don't have any of my packs from my pre order bonus. I really appreciate that someone is letting us know that its being looked into but I still think EA is obligated to address this publicly. It seems like they are censoring this on their social media so that sales aren't affected. I guarantee this sort of practice will come back to bite them in the rear end. This is exactly what leads to winning golden poo awards. How many of those have they won already? Guess the only question I have left is who do I contact for a refund? I did not receive what I was told i would get
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Still doesn't work seems to me that since last game play update
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Hut nhl 17 wont load

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Gingerbear1025 i got the game at ten and still no hut
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HUT 17 broken

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Hut still broken fix this now
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Hut not working

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I preordered super edition through nhl 16. played nhl 17 from ea access and purchased hut coins then the game froze and not I'm not able to get back into hut. Everything else is working in the game. I restarted the game and reinstalled it nothing. I have a blank white screen with the loading wheel in the top right. My gamer tag is Bren18 . I believe my problem lies in the purchase I made through hut during the ea access trial.

#easports why haven't you responded to this problem this is a absolute joke I paid for your game and services and you can't give me a answer????
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