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Hut infinite loading

by ipwnroyalof2015

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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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I totally agree. I actually purchased ea access so I could get a little head start in HUT. Ive played about 6 ultimate draft tournaments and have not been able to redeem any of the packs that I won. Havent been able to access HUT ever since I created my team. Ive reached out to EA on every social media platform, xbox on every social media platform, and now 3 forums. Havent heard 1 single thing from EA about this, even though it seems that 1 in 2 ppl playing has this problem. I dont get it. People have been reporting this since the Beta.
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Hello, I am also experiencing this problem on Xbox one. my gamer tag is xMaybeNextWeekx
all other functions/ game modes are fine, only problem is Hut.
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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My gamer tag is xMaybeNextWeekx and I tried to last play Hut around 9:30 pm est
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Now that game is out the switch profile is a temporary fix it worked for me while it's loading double tap middle button sign into alternate account then double tap again and sign out it will go back to your real account and hut loads right away no thanks to ea but should work until nhl 2018 when ea fixes it
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

[ Edited ]
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Gamer Tag: PunisherPetit

Xbox One 

Time since Saturday.  But the news is 12-1 AM September 13.


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Re: Hut not loading

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They dont care they get their money no matter what! Its sad more and more publishers are releasing broken games and getting paid. Untill their is legal recourse they will continue to screw customers dont buy it till its fixed is the only thing u can do
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Re: Hut not loading

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Gamer Tag o EZE o -Xbox One Hut Stuck loading

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Re: Hut not loading

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We are continuing to work on this issue and I will post again when we have more info other than 'we are working on this'. Apologies for the delay in resolution here.

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Re: Hut not loading

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Almost 5 hours after launch and the same problem still persists. I hope there will be a reimbursement of some sort for those who couldn't play the 10 hour trial cause of this. 99% of my time is spent playing HUT and I have bought EAs NHL games every year for longer than I can remember. This is incredibly frustrating that an issue as major as this can be overlooked going into a games launch.

My gamer tag is- semONER 403
I am trying to login right now. It's currently 2:59am mountain time.
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Game day NHL 17

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HUT doesnt work, figured it was just a bug with, your stupid EA access, but I guess not. Infinite load screen in hut for me I guess. Thanks EA
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