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Hut infinite loading

by ipwnroyalof2015

Original Post

Re: XBOX1 NHL 17 HUT will not load after starter pack opening, game crashed.

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Xbox one gamer tag Chuck Noblet 97
Time is 1049pm edt and it is now 72 hours since the glitch originally occurred for me, it is still occuring, I've missed almost my entire trial period waiting to get into HUT and now the game comes out in 25 hours..... Since there is no solution in sight, and this problem was reported during the beta, I have cancelled my preorder.

I had a customer service rep I talked to yesterday has now actually closed my case without resolution because this is a known problem with no solution with NHL.

They send people to this message board and all it is is other people complaining about the same problem and putting up temporary fixes that don't even work for everyone .... Ea is pretty pathetic when it comes to customer experience.....I've had enough finally.....
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Gamertag: IK III IL IL IA

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I included my gamer tag in subject im having same problem as i bought upgraded version of nhl17 and my hut which is almost all i play i cant access i made team played 4 games in draft champions for a pack and ever since it wont load HUT! Please fix as this is frustrating when your excited to get early jump on the game and now it comes out today for premium purchases and if it dont load properly. I deleted aaved game from cloud and console as well 5 times and rebooted xbox tried it all cache to. Please send me info about this update when fixed!/!
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Hut wont work stuck in loading screen

[ Edited ]
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I was able to play it for one game then I went back to play draft champion's for a bit.
I went to load up hut again and it is stuck in loading.
Is there any salution to fixing this?
I true rebooting uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing seems to work.
This is happen on my xbox one gamertags is my user name.
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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Same problem with hut and when completing draft when it wants to return to hut to claim rewards.

TS: 0900 hrs 2016-09-12

All other game modes work from what I was playing
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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Did they fix it yet im at work hoping Every thing is set when I get home xbox 1
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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They did not fix it or offer any helpful suggestions looking like a lost cause at this point queue pre order cancel
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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Gamertag iTzRiggley Bought NHL Points and the payment went threw but game froze and now I can't get into Hockey Ultimate Team, I already paid full for my super edition 129.99 and now I can't even play Hut Fix your game EA
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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Well it's now 5 hours before the game actually launches live and they haven't even been back on here to post anything even acknowledging the problem , let alone recommending the solution. I strongly urge everyone to cancel their orders of this defective game.
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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The loading a second profile and signing out works well
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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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I do not know why this topic has been marked as solved. There have been a few tricks suggested to work around it, but do not work for everyone. This should not be acceptable as being considered solved. Not sure if a solved topic gets pushed aside, but I feel its EA's responsibility to publicly address this issue and make their best attempt to ease or minds. We are 3 hrs out from release. Instead of being anxious for its arrival, I am dreading the possibility of having to deal with the inept costumer service in regards to claiming a refund. Unfortunately there has been a history with the release of EA games throughout the last few years. As a faithfully customer of EA since the days of Sega Genesis, I feel I among many others deserve better. Don't know why Sean "Rammer" can not release a statement addressing this and offering any bit of insight into what the team is doing to remedy it. These poor support guys try there best to work with us, but they are probably left in the dark as much as we are. I really hope though that these topics are being forwarded as top priority to the development team. Please humor me, and make me feel somewhat important and appreciated for my decades of loyalty
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