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Experiences with EA support?

by questdj

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Experiences with EA support?

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Product: NHL 17
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug Bad experience with EA support
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? contact EA support with an issue or bug report?
What happens when the bug occurs? they won't reply to a bug report, only close the case as if it's not an issue
What do you expect to see? a reply?

How are your experiences with EA support for NHL? I reported 2 bugs last week - HUT statistics reseting and playoff collectibles being lost when NHL playoffs advanced to next round - both with screenshots and throrough explanations and I didn't receive a reply to either of them. To my surprise, I learned that both cases have been closed when I looked them up. How are your experiences with EA support?

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Re: Experiences with EA support?

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We do appreciate players reporting bug type issue with our games and ask that you continue to do that for the benefit of everyone.


When you make a bug report, make sure you provide as much accurate detail as you can.

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Re: Experiences with EA support?

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I've experienced the same issue with cases that I have filed as well. Though EA provides many options to attempt to submit and issue, they fail to provide an efficient and reliable way to actually resolve the issue. Much of the staff I've delt with have been decent in that they showed actual interest in solving an issue. Where the company falls short is that many issues do not seem to reach a resolution but instead deemed "closed" to then fall to the wayside. This is clearly a MAJOR shortfall of the company as it is not a rare complaint to have had issues with this, but I digress. 


Solutions for EA:

- Create a customer service training program that outlines procedures and standards

- Thourougly train any customer service facing team members as they are an extension of your brand

- Create a more streamlined process with inter-team communication to more efficiently solve bugs 


The comapny is worth billions of dollars, there should be more investment into helping existing customers who want nothing more than to improve YOUR product.




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