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EASHL team lost

by JesseKoo99

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EASHL team lost

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When going to EASHL, it shows that I'm not in any team. When I go searching for a club, I cant find our club. Same bug appears with everyone in the team. I am the owner of the club and I haven't deleted it. It was quite long time ago when we played since but it shouldn't just get deleted like that. I play NHL17 on Playstation 4 and this has never happened earlier.  

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Re: EASHL team lost

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Re: EASHL team lost

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Same thing happen to me and I contacted ea for help and they are trying to say we deleted it. Everytime I talk to them they end the chat and just mark the case as resolved. I have requested transcripts of all conversations through email
But have never received that either. It appears that this is a problem that they don't feel the need to address cause they'd rather just keep blowing off longtime customers instead of helping them. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge this is a problem that people have and that it is a glitch on their every. VERY FRUSTRATING!
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Re: EASHL team lost

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Same situation. Only a two man club and we hadn't played in a while, but had spent a good amount of time leveling it and customizing it. This is frustrating.

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Re: EASHL team lost

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I had this same exact problem and the customer service “specialist” was no help. What frustrates me is they won’t even own up to it and give an explaination. All they’ve said is that there is no way to recover my club. Understandable, but at least tell me what happened. Not buying 19 if I don’t get an explaination.
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