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EASHL/Drop-in Matchmaking Broken (mixing West and East)

by BassMan_PC

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EASHL/Drop-in Matchmaking Broken (mixing West and East)

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I am located in the West and constantly get matched up with East players in Drop-in and Club.  This is happening even when we have a group of friends all from BC matchmaking together.  This gives us terrible lag and makes the game very frustrating and not fun.  It used to be fine the first few months of the game, but has gotten progressively worse since December and we rarely get matched up on a West server.  We are sick of this broken matchmaking as we never want to match up with East players. 


Why can't we force the region to West instead of relying on the matchmaking which fails to match us with West players?  Please look into this issue as we have become extremely impatient and are ready to quit the NHL series all together if this issue does not get fixed.  We do not play any other modes.


We play on XB1.

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Re: EASHL/Drop-in Matchmaking Broken (mixing West and East)

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Adding a centralized server could alleviate a lot of the issues all of us Westerners 

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Re: EASHL/Drop-in Matchmaking Broken (mixing West and East)

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When is this going to be fixed?  This is ridiculous.


Also, stop trying to censor or coverup my posts in the official NHL 17 forums.  I am telling it like it is and calling you out.  Own up to it.

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