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BAP Entry Draft

by tervalentyeti74

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Happens to be in probably every mode on start draft and for both consoles.

Could you #EA, please, fix it? I can´t play further. Or give money back, so I don´t need to play it anymore.


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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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I think you have to download the newest roster update.. some wise man at the previous page said that it didnt crash because the "ryan mantha" problem was solved with the new rosters
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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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Download the newest roster update
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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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I tested it with the latest rosters and simulated the first season and went over draft and it didnt crash
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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Sorry but i download the newest rosters and game crashed again in Be a Pro mode over draft...

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Did you start new be a pro career AFTER you downloaded the rosters.. if yes, then try something like for example, go to player trades at the nhl17 start menu and go to ohl's niagara icedogs and move ryan mantha to some nhl team and make contract for him in player custom.. sorry for my english
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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Well, I did update to 1.02, and I did get some 350 megs update as well (XBONE), but I wanted to continue in my finished CHL season. I actually do not know whether I started it with v1.00 or v1.01 rosters.

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Nhl 17 crash during draft

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Product: NHL 17
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug This is unacceptable. You spend almost $90 on this game and franchise mode is pointless. You play one season and then it crashes during draft. I want my money back. It appears EA is aware of this and is taking their sweet time fixing it. Unacceptable. Obviously there won't be a fix until NHL 18. Give me my money back as I didn't buy this game to play one season. Very frustrating.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Franchise mode second season draft
What happens when the bug occurs? It crashes
What do you expect to see? A fix asap and my money back

Don't have
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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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I discovered this last week, a day after the latest "update." Haven't done digging like you have but I played with the latest rosters and latest update, still crashes. All I want to do is play as the damn Nordiques and I can't do that after simming through a season of the devils, who are willing to move fyi.

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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I'm having the same draft/ crash issue too. I've been with EA since NHLPA 93. Fix this quickly or give me my money back. I mean the full amount I paid
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