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BAP Entry Draft

by tervalentyeti74

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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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Any answeres yet???  been seeing same problems since September!!! from everybody. What is the solution? Didn't pay  $69 to play 1 season. What is the next step??

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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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Same issue on PS4
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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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I've got the same issue on Franchise Mode. Have played all 82 games in preparation for the off-season to remodel my team and now can't do the draft!
Please update me when this is fixed as I now can't play my favourite mode until it's fixed!
Testing what I saw a previous post mention, I was usually getting the crash at the midway point of the 2nd round (or if trying to Auto Draft), and if I select R. Mantha first overall then it crashes on that first pick.
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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Similar situation for me. Finished CHL season and the game crashes when attempting to sim draft day, 100% of the time. I had never finished a CHL season previously but I did update from v1.01 to v1.02 the night I finished the season so perhaps the update has something to do with it.

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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‎01-24-2017 06:00 PM
Same thing for me. At first, i had a bug whem i was playing home with toronto maple leafs. So, i went change the disc at Best Buy and now also with toronto, after my first season when the draft is at the 2nd pick it close and go to the xbox menu
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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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I am having the same problem during the draft. I have 2OA and 3OA pick. I have been able to make it to the end of the draft once by manually simming each pick, but once the final pick is done, it kicks me out to the Xbox home screen. I am normally able to pick Liljegren and Patrick with my picks and the draft doesn't freeze until I try to 'Sim to next round' in any round after the first, or Autosim at any point. However, if I try to pick R. Mantha with either 2OA or 3OA, it freezes instantly.

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Re: Franchise mode start draft crashes to xbox one home screen

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I'm not sure why R. Mantha is significant, but I just tried to pick a few players around his draft position (3rd round) and I was able to do it without freezing instantly. Still kicked me out when I tried to sim the rest of the draft though.

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Just had this bug after my first franchise season with the Red Wings.


No players on trading block cannot sim or go through the Draft Pick phase just crashes back to the XBOX One title screen whenever it comes around to picking a 2nd rookie/player.


Pretty angry tbh EA sports games have been crashing and corrupting saves for years.


Get the same problems on FIFA as well when you play long enough saves corrupt or it crashes when loading a new season, appears the NHL games are affected as well.


Running latest version/patch of the game.


What use is a game mode with multiple years if you cannot get past the first EA come on!!!!!! you've been making these games for PC and console for over 25 years.

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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So I did some more testing and research when I got home last night.


Ryan Mantha is in fact a player drafted by the NYR in the 2014 NHL draft. He is currently playing in the OHL for the Niagara Ice Dogs.


So for whatever reason, in NHL 17, Ryan Mantha was listed as being drafted by the NYR (which is accurate), however, he is not in the NYR system when you start Franchise Mode. Perhaps it is because of this that he becomes draft eligible, causing some sort of programming logic error when a team drafts him. This leads me to believe this is what is causing the draft to crash as others have mentioned the game also crashing when selecting him.


Last night, I started a new game in Franchise mode and simmed to the Draft. Ryan Mantha was not in the draft, and i was able to complete the draft without it crashing. My guess is that this glitch was solved during one of the recent updates? It stinks (since I played every game in Franchise Mode) only to have to start all over again with the updated Rosters, but it seemed to have solved the R. Mantha mystery.


(I also tested this in Franchise Mode with the entry Draft, and replacing 2 teams with custom teams. R. Mantha did not show up in the draft after I simmed the season.)


Has anyone tried the draft using the latest Roster and Tuner updates and have experienced the same issue? I would like to know if this also solved the crashing issue for other people.

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Re: BAP Entry Draft

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Thank you again for your efforts.

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