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by gentlystrokeit

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Error code 5E44A00C8A234748-0000000000009999-9C7C3EF4D5156279 and others similar that do not allow me to play. In online gameplay I will lose connection and the error code will come up and not allow me to play. As a result I get losses in games that I am winning by a large margin and do not eat any reward for spending time playing this game. It is very frustrating and a big waste of time. My connection is good and live works for all games except NHL 17. How do I fix this bug?
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Re: 5E44A00C8A234748-0000000000009999-9C7C3EF4D5156279

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Can you try the steps at the following link and let us know if they help, thanks.

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Re: 5E44A00C8A234748-0000000000009999-9C7C3EF4D5156279


Some days ago my friend too have this problem. Than he call to EA support , advisor say him -  you have incorrect psn accaunt settings. After advisor setting psn accaut settings my friend and problems - resolved. Try call to of your region

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Re: 5E44A00C8A234748-0000000000009999-9C7C3EF4D5156279

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I get this error code now all The time.. i can play one online versus game and after that try to start next game , but after "search opponent" this error code comes.. any NEW solutions? PS 4 and NHL18
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Re: 5E44A00C8A234748-0000000000009999-9C7C3EF4D5156279

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I'm having the same exact issue as salenho88. On top of that, I can't see user names in EASHL lobbies and navigating most out of game menus takes much longer.

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