Under The Hood: Car List

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That sucks. Yeah thanks for the info.

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@LatinDriver_2005 No problem man, that is the biggest reason why they cant remaster the original games from the 90s.
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@BVBgamer88 Another problem other than licenses is EA lacks team working on original 90s game engine used by DSI/EA Canada.Also judging by the sales/reviews most current NFS players aren't what HP style is aiming at.So maybe this is the last HP style game we will ever get.
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@GK3512 Yeah thats my biggest fear too, so personally i dont have big hopes for the next NFS. I just think its too bad that they cant have too NFS studios, because BB wanted too keep both styles cannoball and ricer. If EA dident turn them down, we would have 2 games today, only possible chance too see a cannonball game again. Is if Codie get too work on a NFS game.
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@BVBgamer88 Back when Real Criterion was around Blackbox/Criterion was the 2 team making Chav/Cannonball NFS.Sadly Fake Criterion is just Ghost with another name.
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Welp, a rather boring & pointless lengthy input from me, but I'll make it nonetheless. Obviously unrelated to the topic since this is an old UTH for an arguably inferior car list to the original, but...


You say that, yet this is the same development team (give or take a few GHOST employees and the input of Stellar Entertainment notwithstanding) that delivered HPR!


I do believe there was a point at which it was claimed that Rivals would in fact be the last "cannonball" as opposed to "chav" game (though I prefer "HP" and "UG" respectively) and yet here we are... Admittedly, HPR is only a remaster, and a very subtle one at that; so it could be legitimately argued that the HP genre is dead.


However the conscious choice to resurrect HP2010, regardless of how profit-motivated of a move it may be, is evidence that the HP genre will live on and still has some value! For an NFS fan (and a BlackBox one at that) I'm incredibly cynical, but even I'd like to think that there's some small hope to be had here.


That said, I do have some sympathy though and would also enjoy a return to a simpler time of racing with no weapons/equipment/pursuit tech/auxiliary parts and damage bars or obnoxious storylines.


I can only hope a new studio name is enough to move on from the "attempts" at NFS made by GHOST. Even if a mere rebrand proves insufficient, I sincerely hope the next installment will at least be a change of pace.

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@Jacobba55 Criterion fell apart in 2013 and Alex founded Three Fields in 2014.The current Criterion/Stellar team isn't the same made HP2010/MW2012 and Burnout games.
HP2010 was chosen as the one because of anniversary and RW/Chameleon game engine.
Blackbox games(excluding The Run) and DSI games are made with EAGL engine by DSI themselves.DSI fell apart and renamed to EA Sports with the founder Don Mattrick left in 2007.So the original EAGL games from DSI can't be remastered since both team and engine are gone/left.
Fake Criterion isn't a new team.So clearly they will continue the style/direction of Ghost/BB NFS.Current leader of Criterion-Matt Webster stated when Criterion returned to NFS that Heat is the base of future NFS titles.So awkward stories/pointless races with OP cars and Chav-tastic custom car with so-called(Car Culture) will remain core of future NFS.Which isn't the real root of NFS and also this Midnight Club Copy Cat directly led to fanbase disagreement between Cannonball and Chav.We've seen 2 and a half(HD) Cannonball game in the past 10 years but 3 Chav game with 2 Pro-Racing and 1 Action-Movie(Which is worse than Chav) in the meantime.Cannonball fanbase as the original become less and less mainstream.Which is quite pathetic and hopeless for the future of this legendary 90s series.
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