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Soft,non-agressive AI

by DRAGOSRacer

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Soft,non-agressive AI

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Can we have something done with this low IQ, non-agressive  AI? 

The cops in hot pursuit mood are just lame ,they don't even bother to ram you at all,they get way too ahead of you to drop the spike strips and when you ram them is like hitting a carton box,so fragile..  Same in gauntlet mood. If developers can't really  do them more agressive,just add  more cops on the race track ,wouldn't be that  hard. And the things don t get better with the progress of carrer. 

Also in hot pursuit as a cop,the only aggresive thing the AI racer knows to do is to just brake hard and launch an EMP in your back,even when you progress near the end of career. Is becoming way too easy,escapecially for someone who already played the classic HP.

If you don't intend  to make it hard for the new fresh players,just simply add a difficulty level set option in the game. 


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Re: Soft,non-agressive AI

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I don't understand, @DRAGOSRacer I am a PS4 player and when I started it the racers and cops in-game was twice more tough and aggressive than NFS HP 2010 and it took me like a month to complete the game because of how harder the AI was for me, I think I had the AI harder for me is because I was a pro long before the game even came out because I had played some other NFS games on my PS3, so I don't understand what you mean by this because it was a lot more challenging for me in Career mode so sorry but my only suggestion in the difficulty of the AI is depending on how good or bad you are at the game and you might be just a bit badder at the game than I am (no offense)

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Re: Soft,non-agressive AI

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You raise a valid point, especially on platform difference. I'm also on PS4 and feel the difficulty is relatively the same, for cop and racer alike. Although it has probably been a while for me, I'm fairly sure not all that much has changed, much like the rest of the game.


If anything it can prove to be more difficult than the original occasionally, and let me say that I definitely don't struggle with either game! That brake hard and EMP manoeuvre can be annoying in HP as a cop, particularly if that racer starts catching up or the lead pack pull away, both caused by rubberbanding...


However, I will also say that this only seems to be the case with one particular racer in any given HP event, with the yellow SCPD Rebels Dodge Viper SRT-10 in Snake Pit as my example. There is some element of easier difficulty perhaps, as rival Racers don't seem to actively engage you, but this is actually beneficial if anything.


Overall, I'm not too sure. With the similar/identical Cop placements and what seems to be the same game internally, it would appear that difficulty should be relatively unchanged, even with the removal of the Carbon Motors E7 and M-B McLaren SLR 722/Stirling Moss and addition of DLC cars.

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Re: Soft,non-agressive AI

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I do see what you mean about the characteristics of the Cops, but for me they can seem more durable than the original in some cases.


SCPD units generally try to EMP from a distance, or get in front for a spike strip and make it REALLY obvious that they're going to do that, as if their "Dispatch, requesting permission to launch a spike strip" quote isn't enough advance warning. In the end, I've found they often end up spiking each other!


My advice for you would be to try other cars, if that's alright? Even though the cars generally feel balanced, and generally are to some extent, some will always be better than others. If it's still too easy for you, try and beat the event without using a Jammer, or even without using any equipment at all!

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Re: Soft,non-agressive AI

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@Jacobba55 The title NFS ''hot'' pursuit is there for a reason. I also forget to point out about those interceptors in wich the cheased racer is absolutly hilarious when is doing silly U turns.
But I guess EA won't care at all about this topic since they are currently ''focusing hard on a new title'' and are determined to let the game as it is or should I say -as it was before-
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Re: Soft,non-agressive AI

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I reckon you're right about the fact that EA won't change things too much for HPR, it simply costs too much for their liking, requires too many resources, and could be supposedly "unfaithful" to the original. I don't know if we'll even receive another patch/update...


Those U-turns in an Interceptor event are indeed (and have always been) stupid, more of an annoyance than any real difficulty.


Anyway, I suppose you've answered the question for yourself, but from what I can see: EA aren't going to increase the difficulty further or improve the A.I. at all due to them focusing on NFS 2021, which is to be revealed later this year as you'd expect. Not sure what else I can say really, HPR just seems to be of lesser priority.

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