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Pursuit cars getting stuck

by Splashlog80

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Pursuit cars getting stuck

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(playing on xbox One, in Offline mode since we have crappy internet) 


Any time you hit anything hard enough in the game while in pursuit levels its like the car gets stuck in neutral or something.  when it does this the car won't go forward or backwards.  By the time you get to where you can drive again, the car you're chasing is long gone and you lose the level because it gets away.  how do you go about fixing this problem?

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Re: Pursuit cars getting stuck

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I'm no technical expert and I'm on PS4 myself, but are you referring to crash cutscenes, otherwise known as "crash cams" by any chance?


This is actually a feature of the game. As a result of being developed by Criterion, who are also the developers of the Burnout franchise, these crash cutscenes are implemented to function as a penalty for crashing of sorts. These are present in the original Hot Pursuit 2010 too. Regardless of my opinion on them, they are a part of this particular installment, and there's no changing that...


I will also say that even if you aren't driving fast enough to trigger a crash cutscene, HP2010/HPR has plentiful "dead stops" in the form of scenery, as well as particularly heavy traffic vehicles.


I hope this helps you out, and I would also suggest posting this in the bugs & glitches section/reaching out to EA Help if this persists and no-one else can find a solution. Best of luck!

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