Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered laggy & stuttering

by TheGamingSKITZ

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered laggy & stuttering

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So recently ive had this issue with NFSHP Remastered giving me 10-15 fps during intro & gameplay. Ive done a whole list of items & i still cant get this issued solved. This is the list ive tried to get my fos back up & running well. 

Updated Bios✅ Updated Vbios✅ Updated Drivers✅ Updated Chipset Drivers✅ Added all the VCRedis C++ files✅ Cleared CMOS✅ Re-Seated all hardware (Ram by putting 1 stick in at a time)✅ Tried older GPU after DDU AMD drivers✅(no pcie power on older GPU. loaded stuff faster) Tried many multiple older drivers✅ Turned Game Bar✅ Turned Off Game Mode✅ No HDD exists in system ✅ Tried the Ryzen CPU Thread code for "Fix for NFS Heat"✅ Tried different PCIE cables✅(only had one extra 8pin) Have no friends with PSU to test✅ Tried Reinstalling Origin✅ tried Reinstalling EA desktop app✅ Tried Clean Windows 11 Fresh✅ Tried Clean Windows 10 Fresh✅ Tried installing games to OS drive✅ Turned off SysMain. Humoring myself✅ Turned off all overlays✅ Cant turn off/on Hardware Acceleration GPU Scheduling because it cant be found since 20.5.1 beta(also tried that one)✅ Tried a simple Restart✅ I set power to High Performance✅ Disabled CrossPlay(Ea's idea)✅ tried the borderless & full screen method ✅. 

If anyone is having the same issue please let me know so EA can see this better by clicking Me Too option or reply in Agreement. According to MSI Afterburner im only using while in Games Menu 7-9w of GPU power, 50-53w of CPU power. 0-2% GPU usage & 40-50% CPU usage. Temps are great. 37c & 44c respectively. Like i said these frames happen throughout the entire game. From intro to gameplay. 


Edit: Bought a new Power Supply & still having issues.  

EA please just update the game to where it fixes laggy & stuttering issues for some users

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