NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered Refuses to Recognize Xbox One Controller

by CircleShadow

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NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered Refuses to Recognize Xbox One Controller

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I have purchased Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered on steam for PC.

The game refuses to recognize my controller.

I have changed my steam settings, unplugged mouses and such, and searched the internet for answers.

The game allows me to use my controller on the menus, but once I start racing it won't allow me to steer and the configuration menu wont let me select my controller because it is not recognizing it.

However, the controller is partially working. I have an Xbox One controller that works for every other game I own with no problems its not even a year old yet. It doesn't recognize it whether I plug it in or use Bluetooth, it insists on only allowing me to use keyboard. I CANNOT play keyboard and mouse. The game has an option for an Xbox One controller for PC setting, However the game won't allow me to select it and won't recognize my Xbox One controller. I don't have a 3rd part controller, my controller is an Actual Xbox One Controller straight from best buy, the hardware is up to date, and there is no reason I have should have spent the last 3 hours trying to get this to work, if this isn't fixed I won't even be able to play it. PLEASE fix this issue, I need Help. I really want to play this game, but something is clearly wrong with it and needs fixing.


Best regards, 

A frustrated but hopeful Customer.

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Re: NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered Refuses to Recognize Xbox One Controller

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@CircleShadow Hey there,
I did some googling and came across a YouTube video which might help you out. Not sure if you did the steps that are explained in the video. Just trying to help you out Standard smile

Yours truly,
(fellow customer :P )
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