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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

by 77lazlo

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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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@crazyDJSIRm Also, when receiving damage and sometimes when sliding on the tyres, the wheel will be locked at whatever rotation it was when impact or sliding occurred... Easy fix for now would be to reset rotation on wheels (G27 on PC) as the intro screen does.
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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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@EA_Atic Spawning issue in Most Wanted still not resolved. I still spawn on top of another player and it sends me flying!

In fact most of the bugs like singleplayer events crashing with autolog online is still a major issue and is not resolved. We need another patch to fix this bc these things are major. Please provide us an update when you can!
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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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@JimiHempdrix411deeply impressed that you (try) to drive the remastered version with that superbig gap around 0°. The deadzone is so big that an accurate driving and / or good times are nearly impossible. No matter which wheel you are using. This is why ALL wheel drivers are so p#ssed. Again: 10 years ago with the original there was the same problem in the beginning and it was fixed within 2 weeks after all wheel drivers were complaining. In the remastered version nobody @EA cares. Just read this topic:

No reaction at all. It's a shame.

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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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@EA_Atic hello happy new years.

When are your team going to work out those issues we reported to you?

I hope you guys won't stop the patching of the game, leaving us with the most wanted mode broken by the spawn on top of each other while crossplaying, and the others bug we mentioned few weeks ago.


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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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Thank you for a bunch of bug fixes!

Is it possible to fix the random appearing traffic cars? me and my friends have issues with that since it is happening quite frequent. 3 PC players 1 PS player.

Also i would like to ask if it is possible that you add all the single player tracks/events in the multiplayer? I noticed that some are not availible. 

Also a suggestion if it is at all possible: Maybe you could make it so it is possible to select your own track/event so we can make our own routes. It could be only available in lobby for friends only! Like showing the whole map and make the track via klicks and then save it or something.

That would be so cool! 

Thanks :D

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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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I don't know about the random appearing/invisible traffic cars will be fixed, and your suggestion that you said is that you can't start the game in a public lobby in multiplayer but if you are the host you can change tracks by selecting 'Select Event' that is above the 'Social' button, you probably didn't realise it already because you can do that in multiplayer and I don't know if EA will put some more of the event transmissions from Career mode into multiplayer but it is possible but they didn't do it for HP 2010 and I think they just want to make the game matching to the one in 2010, so I don't know!

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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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@JimiHempdrix411 It is better to control or move than to hasten during gameplay.
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Re: [NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered] Patch 1

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On the switch, anytime I resume a game from the pause menu, there is a delay for a couple of second that doesn't allow me to control my vehicle. This has caused me to crash onto objects many times after resuming a game.

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