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Re: NFS:HPR crossplay & friend issues

by 5555559753

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NFS:HPR crossplay & friend issues

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Hi all, 


I'm hoping someone can help here as I'm really at the end of my patience. 


I own NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered on PC - through Origin. My brother also own NFS:HPR but on Switch. Even though this game has cross play advertised all over the internet I can't see him and he can't see me, there's just nothing there at both ends. 


He has his own Origin account through the Switch and can log into the web based verison on his mobile and I use the Origin app on my PC. It took us nearly 2 hours to add each other onto our friends lists and only we only managed to do this when he signed into Origin on my PC - as on his web verison my friend request just wasn't there. 


So now that we finally are on each other's lists we want to play together but like I said, there's nothing showing anywhere. He's actually playing on Switch as I type this but according to my Origin account and in-game in NFS he's offline.


What kind of broken mess is this? Does anyone have any ideas how this can be sorted so we can to play with each other as the game blatantly advertises?



Thanks in advance

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Re: NFS:HPR crossplay & friend issues

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@TheFatPlumber Hello PS4 player here,

I don't have any issue with this game on PS4 and I have only 1 friend in my EA friends list that is on Xbox One and I don't have any issue with it so I don't know if this is the solution but it could be that you are playing the game on a device that goes up to 60 FPS and your friend plays this game on Nintendo Switch which can only hold up to 30 FPS because the Nintendo Switch is a small console and it could be that you were trying to be friends with someone in-game that is on 30 FPS on a 60 FPS PC so that could be why it took so long and it is difficult and I don't know a solution to this but I hope you get the solution to fixing this and enjoying the game as normal as me, sorry!

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