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NFS HP Remastered - Spawning Issue (Please Read)

by deoxiic

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NFS HP Remastered - Spawning Issue (Please Read)

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At the start of any Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit event, cross platform players seem to spawn on top of each other, causing the player to lose control. It only seems to happen for cross platform whether it be Xbox and PS, PS and PC or Xbox and PC. I have contacted EA support about this for an update and I thought this new update would fix this issue but it hasn't.


I spoke with Shay from EA Help via Twitter and all of the evidence (YouTube Links & Recorded Videos) have been sent to support.


They stated that they have raised this issue with the relevant support team but have also asked me to raise the issue on this forum aswell.


I am unable to attach videos to this report as the mp4 extension is not supported...


If you require supporting evidence please contact me on twitter and I will be happy to share the videos / YouTube Links. @JackH216

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Bugs: Controller Remap Reset, Car Stacks

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I’ve had NFS:HP on Switch for a few days, and whilst it’s been super fun a couple bugs have been a tad annoying. I’ve contacted EA Help on Twitter and they directed me here, so I’ll just list them!




• Button Remap Resetting

After changing my button mapping in Settings > Gameplay > Controls the game seems to sometimes forget I’ve changed them after closing and opening.


EG: I could change Y from drift to boost; save the button map; close and open the game then have a random chance of it forgetting I changed it.


• Cars Spawning On Each Other (Online Only)

On random occasions (mostly/only during Most Wanted matches) 2 Racer Team cars will spawn in a stack, causing the car on top to slide off & sometimes crash.




PLATFORM: Switch 11.0.1




If anyone could help or explain it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you! <3

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Re: Bugs: Controller Remap Reset, Car Stacks

Community Manager

Thanks for this. On the forgetting of key changes, do you play on multiple profiles on the same Switch? If so, does the profile you're using have any impact on the likelihood of this occurring? Another factor that may be in play is whether there had been profile swaps since the Switch had last been shut down?

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Re: Bugs: Controller Remap Reset, Car Stacks

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@JamIsNotMyName That car spawn was supposed to be fixed on patch #1 but it wasnt and im on the PC platform. Its been an issue at launch.
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Players spawn on top of each other in Most Wanted mode

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This is another issue that is still not resolved by patch #1. Players spawn on top of each other apparently in Most Wanted mode. This happens when Crossplay is enabled.

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Most of the bugs/issues currently.

★★★★★ Novice

Here are bugs that I've found:

HUD elements sometimes does not align correctly (For me, it happens in Arms Race).

Some of the car suffers very weird bug (Audi R8 spoiler is white underneath, damage seems to split the paint in half, Dodge Viper ACR have low detail light, bugged Porsche taillight/headlight...)

Player spawn on top of each other sometimes (Happens in Most Wanted mode).

Ghost traffic (Traffic instant spawn)

This very annoying thing in which when you crashed, you have a crash screen which last 5 second. Well, in my case, a cop rammed me when the 5 second duration was about to end, and all of a sudden, the crash screen reappears (Which never happens in the original game), and you are pretty much doomed at that point.

Some cars when damaged seems to have weird colors effects (Happens on the Audi R8 Racer/Cop)

The loading screen shows the continue button (In races) or still display Tips (Pursuit mode).

When the Most Wanted event ended, there is a bit of a delay before it ended (Which also never happens in the original version).

Noticeable frame drops when switching camera modes (Never happened on the original version)

Menu has noticeable delays (Never happened on the original version)

You can't select secondary paint. 

Some area has lag for unknown reason (Never happened on the original version).

Cracked glass produce a weird "filter" effect.

You cannot unbinds keys (Which is bad news since I really want to unbind some keys, also a game that is remastered should have this). 


I hope this can be used as a base for EA and Stellar/Criterion to fix the issues. 

Thank you.


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Re: Most of the bugs/issues currently.

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@EFT_SP44DST3R PS4 player here,


Hello, just to say about one of the bugs, (the 5 second crash duration bug) well it is not a bug, it is actually part of the game, you probably didn't know this or you haven't experienced it before until now, it was actually in NFS HP 2010, as for when you crash and there is a cop by you, when you crash the cop comes for you in order to bust you because you are completely vulnerable to getting busted when you crash as a racer and just before they bust you, they have to at least tap you a bit to make you get the crash duration again because your car isn't at the way to reset your car and start moving again as for the cop player has the biggest advantage to bust you and this isn't a bug/glitch, it is actually part of the game! you probably didn't know this because whoever you have played NFS HP 2010 with, they probably haven't actually done what I just said to before but it is not a bug, it is part of the game!

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Re: Most of the bugs/issues currently.

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@5555559753 I remember seeing that happening on the PS3 version for that double (or even triple) crash cutscene. This was not seen in PC version tho and I also remember that bug getting patched.

It just happens to came back in HPR.
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Re: Most of the bugs/issues currently.

★★★★ Pro
@EFT_SP44DST3R Save lost happens if the game is connected to internet.However this can be resolved by shutting down the game's internet connection.But still a bad problem return from Burnout Paradise Remastered.
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Re: Most of the bugs/issues currently.

★★★★★ Novice

Okay, well that's another thing to the list.

Bug find vol.2: 

-Sometimes your car shadows disappear at specific location.

-UI element like NOS isn't aligned correctly. 

-Singleplayer crash (I've never experience it but others have, apparently that's if they have too many Autolog friends, so they have to unfriend them/go offline to advance) 

-Quitting the game took a very long time (Tested it on both version, HP2010 quits the game instantly).

-You can't take Photos in Photo Mode (Well what is Photo Mode used for if you can't take photos?) 

-Car maker's logo appears to be blurry/not HD (Noticeable if you were in the car selection screen in Multiplayer). 

-Sometimes traffic cars spawn on top of each other.

-You cannot join cross-platform friends (Honestly I think that they should make all friends into one, and you can join your friends regardless of platform). 

-There's no mechanism to kick AFK player out of a match (Which is annoying since they can make races/event last way more longer than it should be. Also Most Wanted 2012 have this mechanism if you AFK for too long). 

-Xbox 360 controller is recognized as Xbox One Controller. 


That's all for now. If you guys find any bugs, don't hesitate to put it in here, as it will make a perfect list of bugs so the developer of this game can be aware of these issue. 

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